Open floor plans are all the rage these days. From renovated homes to newly built houses and condos, the streamlined, simplistic appearance of an open floor plan is almost every homeowner’s dream. But having a floor plan with few obstructions and little separation can come with some design challenges. Namely, you have to find the right paint color for a space that has multiple purposes and distinct looks.

This can make home interior painting in Atlanta especially difficult. The wrong color can fit into one space, like a living area, while clashing with another space, like the open kitchen. Worse, a bad color choice can make a combined open floor plan look flat and predictable. Here are the open floor plan color rules that interior house painting professionals know.

Stay Neutral

There’s going to be a ton of different decor in an open floor plan. You have a challenge of finding a color that suits everything in all dedicated spaces throughout the open area. For instance, you need to find a paint color that matches your kitchen cabinetry and also the attached living room’s area rug. Avoid bold color choices so you don’t end up clashing with any of your decor or built-ins. If you work with residential painting services, you can get professional advice on colors that match the specific architectural materials of your home.

Stay Cool

Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, or neutrals like sierra that contain hints of these warm hues, have a homey look. Warm colors remind people of hot meals and good entertainment. However, too much warmth can saturate rooms with an overwhelmingly high energy. Cool colors on the blue, green, and gray scale have a relaxing vibe that’s perfect for the length of an open floor plan.

Create a Palette

It’s fine to have multiple colors within an open floor plan, but long walls can create a sense of separation that contradicts the purpose of an open floor plan to begin with. Instead, you can paint an accent wall, your ceiling, the fireplace, or a horizontal stripe that extends through the rooms. Use a color wheel to find 2 or 3 colors that are harmonious together, like brown, sea blue, and off-white. If you’re having difficulty finding colors that match, consult interior painting contractors for some popular sample palettes.

Professional Care

Now that you have some color inspiration, keep in mind that good application is almost as important as the color selection you make. In other words, when you need home interior painting in Atlanta, don’t DIY the job. You might leave behind streaks or uneven coloring, or even end up with a different color than you ordered. Interior painting contractors are skilled at priming and finishing for a smooth paint job, covering imperfections, prepping to protect delicate possessions and materials, and getting the job done on time. If you want your color to look its best, always trust a pro.