Most people do not think about commercial interior painting. In fact, the only time a business owner is likely to think about interior painting is if they have work being done by interior painters in Atlanta and cannot avoid giving it some thought. If that is you, you might be wondering how often you should paint your office’s interior; here are some guidelines.

If the Paint Looks Old or Is Damaged

Cracked or peeling paint is a dead giveaway that you need to find some painting services in Atlanta. So, is your interior looking like it just jumped out of the 1990’s? Remember that your office says a lot about you and if you have clients visit, a grungy, old, cracked paint job will be noticed.

If the Walls Look Dirty

This is another dead giveaway that you need to paint the interior of your office. Dirty walls scream “neglect” and that says something about your company. Realistically, if you do not take care of where you make your living, what does it say about how you will take care of your clients? The answer to that is not uniform, but most people would conclude that if you neglect the one, you probably do not care very much about what you are doing. Dirt screams apathy.


Was Bill Clinton President the last time you painted the interior of your office? Like a house painting in Atlanta, three to five years is about as long as you should go with the same paint job in your office. If you can think back longer than that, you should do all you can to get a paint job as soon as possible.

Your Clientele

This was mentioned above, but the paint job in your office really does say a lot about you and your business. A shabby office interior speaks volumes about how you go about your work. Putting the best foot forward, especially with new clients, is vitally important and an office that is clean, sharp, and friendly starts that off right.

You would not skimp with interior painters in Atlanta who were touching up the external face of your business. Why would you let the interior look shabby? Use these guidelines to determine if your office needs a touch-up paint job.