Painting your house isn’t always the most fun or exciting thing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can even become a scary thing. When you’re driving through the neighborhood, you might start to notice that other houses seem to shine or stand out a bit more than yours does. This might be simply because it’s time for your home to have its exterior repainted! The exterior painting in Atlanta, GA, is the first thing people see on your home—it gives the first impression of the home. It’s important to keep your exterior painting up-to-date. There are a few ways you can know how often you should repaint the exterior of your home.


Professionals will tell you that the exterior of your home needs to be repainted every 4 to 6 years. Some painters will tell you that 15 years is long enough before it needs repainted. It’s all about how you want your home to look. Some people want the paint on their home to always look clean and fresh; this is when 4 to 6 years applies. People who wait until the paint begins to chip or fade away usually wait 15 years before they repaint their home. It’s all about preference.

Type of Paint

Different types of paint are prone to blisters, cracks, fading, and mildew growth. All of these things can contribute toward when you should repaint your home. Today’s acrylic latex paints are less likely to harden, crack, and blister than other paints. They have become a more popular choice than oil-based paints.

It’s good to keep in mind that darker color paints will fade faster than lighter colors. If you paint your home dark grey or dark blue, you might end up repainting your exterior quicker than you had hoped. It’s important that you understand what the paint will look like after it has been applied.


Some people perform maintenance to the exterior of their home more than others. How much regular maintenance you perform will affect how long your home will hold its paint. If you have parts of your home that are chipping away on the exterior, they might be ripping paint off with it. If your home has any moisture damage, you might be losing color on your paint or worse, growing mold. Make sure you inspect the exterior of your home at least once every year.

Weather Conditions

If you live where it’s extremely hot and sunny, your paint is going to fade away quicker than someone who lives in complete overcast. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the chemical compounds in the paint to degrade. Sun can also cause paint to blister into bubbles, thus causing you to repaint your home quicker.