The exterior of your home plays a major part in the overall curb appeal and beauty of your it. When paint begins to fade, peel, or chip there are not only aesthetic consequences, but there are actually physical consequences to your home as well. When you’re trying to decide how often you should do exterior house painting in Alpharetta, you need to consider a few other factors as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Paint Life Expectancy

In general, exterior paint is expected to last 5-10 years. It may appear that even after 5-7 years the paint is still in good condition; however, this isn’t necessarily true. There can be degradation that’s difficult to detect. Other factors can also shorten how long the paint will last on your home.

Harsh Weather

Exterior painting in Alpharetta can sometimes be necessary more frequently simply because of the harsh sun and heat that this area experiences. Excessive heat degrades paint more quickly and this is even more true of south-facing walls. Consistent exposure to moisture because of humidity or landscape irrigation can also make a home require more frequent painting.

Benefits of Repainting

If there are noticeable signs that your home needs to be repainted like chipping and peeling paint, it may seem obvious that your home will benefit from repainting so it will look better. However, there are additional benefits of repainting that you should consider as well.

Thorough Cleaning

Repainting the exterior of your home will also include a thorough cleaning as part of the preparation process. This means the flaking paint is scraped off, rough areas are sanded down, and the entire exterior is power washed to remove all dirt and mildew.

Structural Repair

Another benefit of having your home’s exterior repainted is the opportunity to take care of any structural problems that may have occurred when water or other environmental factors damaged the materials of your home. This may include rotten and damaged wood or trim that needs to be replaced before the home is repainted.

Increase Home Value

Repainting your home not only adds to the curb appeal and helps with the overall neighborhood appearance, but it adds real monetary value to your home. Increasing your home’s value by improving the outside appearance is a benefit both you and your neighbors will enjoy.

Protect Home

A quality exterior paint job helps protect the siding, fascia, and trim from harsh weather that will eventually weaken or rot the wood. Repainting your home helps keep your home safe and secure from the elements.