Your house may be a beautiful blue or pure white right now, but those colors will eventually fade, chip, and dull. In fact, anyone who has owned a house for a number of years has observed the wear and tear exterior paint gets. The biggest culprit? Weather. If you’re planning on painting the exterior of your home, read on to learn how weather affects exterior house painting in Atlanta.


There is a reason that you never see anyone out in the rain painting their house, and that reason is humidity. For paint to dry, it’s best to have a sunny, dry day. If it’s raining or extremely humid, the paint will take longer to dry and will also deteriorate faster. Of course, there is always some level of humidity in the air and if you wait for it to be gone, you may never paint the house. It’s best to aim for as dry a day as possible when looking at exterior house painting in Atlanta, and to make sure that the surface you’re painting is not wet or damp.


Temperature fluctuations can cause paint to expand in the heat and contract in the cold. Over time, this leads to cracks in the paint. As the wood or other material under the paint also contracts and expands, this will result in peeling paint. UV lights, which typically come with warmer temperatures, will also cause your paint to fade more quickly.

You cannot change the temperature outdoors, but painters can decide what temperature to complete exterior paint jobs in Atlanta. Painting in moderately cool weather decreases the drying time of the paint, which correlates with a longer time between re-coats of paint. On the other hand, extremely cold temperatures can cause color changes in the paint. These temperature considerations are important when considering exterior painting in Atlanta.


Paint drying too quickly does not sound like a problem, but excessive wind can cause paint to dry so quickly that the integrity of the paint is compromised due to weakened bonds. When paint dries, it must form a film, which may not happen with excessive wind. Over time, wind may also cause damage to your home and your paint job, as it wears down paint and makes re-coats necessary. During painting, it’s also good to remember that wind carries dust and other particles, which can get stuck in the paint as it is being applied.

The perfect weather for painting is impossible to find, but consulting with experts and keeping weather in mind can help if you’re considering exterior house painting in Atlanta.