Let 2018 be the year you let your wild side out when it comes to your Atlanta home’s interior. You know you want to, so what’s stopping you? Paint the walls! Paint the door! If you’re not sure what hues to use, read on for ideas on how to incorporate color and texture to give your home a fresh vibe this year.

Start at the Front Door

It’s the first impression your visitors get of your home so make it memorable. Start with a call to your favorite interior painters in Atlanta to make sure you get the perfect look. Paint the door to your home in a color that says, “Welcome to my home!” Choose a bright, sunny yellow and let guests know how much fun they’ll have at your house. Terracotta red is warm, welcoming, and bold. If you want to make a unique but fun statement, consider turquoise or a bright berry red.

Provocative and Thoughtful

Pantone Ultra Violet to be their Color of the Year for 2018. Chosen for its “mystical or spiritual quality” this deep shade of purple makes a regal statement in a living room but works well in a bedroom as well. Purple is a color for risk takers and adventure seekers. If you’re not sure about a color adventure with purple, you can always opt to use it as an accent. Paint baseboards, crown molding, and chair rails if you have them. Or simply use it on one accent wall and wash the rest of the room in white, gray, or a soft shade of lavender.

Power Room Challenge

Choosing bathroom wall colors can be challenging. Because bathrooms are small, paint colors seem more intense than they do in larger rooms. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to plain white or another light color. You can’t go wrong when you choose a subtle beige, which will create a warm cozy feel to the bathroom. Why not wander out of your comfort zone and roll on a bright turquoise or tropical peach color? If you’re not ready to go totally wild, use a neutral shade on the walls. Then, choose bright splashes of color for towels and accessories.

Everything Kitchens

Color is back in kitchens this year! Whether you love green, gray, black, or blue, there’s a color sure to please your style. Teal green is one color you may not have seen before in a kitchen. It’s a bold color but will super-charge the space where you spend lots of time preparing meals and visiting with friends and family. You did say you wanted to live on the wild side, right? Then teal it is! Of course, if you prefer something a little tamer, you can always go with black or gray. Both create dynamic color schemes and can be dressed up or down to suit your taste.

Let this year be the one that unleashes your sense of creativity. With the plethora of pretty paints on the roster in 2018, you should have no problem giving one room, or every room a color make-over. Call the people who specialize in interior painting in Atlanta and let the colors roll!