A roof over your head is quite literally one of the most important elements of any home. Replacing an old roof can be a daunting task, but understanding the process of roofing installation and how long a good roof should last can help you make the best decision. A typical roof should last 15-20 years. But to get specific, there are certain signs that your roof is getting old and needs to be replaced.

Cracked Shingles

Shingles are the most recognizable part of a roof, and they can tell you when it’s time for a roofing installation replacement. Look for cracked shingles or bald spots, which indicate that your roof is aging and may need replacing soon.

Bald Spots

If there are any bald or exposed spots on your roof, this means that the shingles are no longer able to protect the underlying structure. This could look like missing granules or even just a large patch of bare roof. Regardless of which one it is, it means roofing installation is in your near future.


If you find moss on the surface of your roof, it could be an indication that the shingles are no longer waterproof. Moss and other plants can grow on roofs because they provide a damp environment for them to thrive. And the last thing you want for your roof is a damp area. This is a sign that you should consider replacing it.

Curled Shingle Edges 

Shingles are the reason your roof protects from the elements. If you notice that the edges of your shingles are curling up or otherwise looking worn, it’s time to replace them as they’re no longer doing the job they need to.

General Wear and Tear

If your roof looks old or worn, it’s time to get it replaced. A roof should look crisp and new, so if you notice any signs of aging, it’s the most surefire sign of knowing it’s time to get a new roof installation.

What Can You Expect with a Roof Replacement?

For a standard roof replacement, expect the process to take around 1-3 days. The professionals will follow this process to ensure your roof is as good as new:

  • They will remove the old shingles
  • Add new roofing materials
  • Check for any underlying damage or other issues
  • Repair the problem before applying new roofing installation material
  • Once the new roof is in place, they will then add a layer of protection to the surface to extend the life of your roof

Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof with Fillo Painting

If you want to maximize the lifespan of your roof, consider Fillo Painting as an option. Our roofing installation process involves applying a special paint solution that helps protect your roof from UV rays, wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. Experience the prolongation of the lifespan of your roof and keep it looking like new for many years to come.

With the right care and maintenance, your roof should last for many years. Knowing when it’s time to replace it is essential to keep your home safe and protected from the elements. Keep an eye out for any of the signs mentioned above, and if you think it’s time for a new roof installation, contact Fillo Painting. We’ll help you get the best roofing installation possible that will have your home looking great for years to come.