Many homeowners believe that painting a room is a fun and straightforward task. Because of this, they think that it will be easy to do it on their own. However, if you do not know what you are doing and you make a mistake, your paint job will look sloppy, you can lose money, and you may end up damaging your home. All of the costly painting mistakes listed below can be avoided by hiring local paint contractors in your area.

Failing to Clean the Walls

Pieces of dust and hair can easily get stuck to the walls in your home. If you do not wash the walls before painting, those particles can remain stuck on your walls forever, or until you paint again. Professionals know that you must clean all walls before painting them to avoid this very problem.

Not Using Primer

Primer is crucial. It allows the paint to fully adhere to the surface of the wall, giving your room a more finished look. The primer also brings out the exact color of the paint that you purchased. Paint contractors in Kennesaw always use primer while on the job.

Forgetting to Prep

Before you start painting, there is a little bit of prep work that needs to be done so you can avoid a bigger mess in the end. You should cover the floors, carpets, and furniture with drop cloths to avoids splatter. Also, you want to cover the doorknobs with plastic, tape around the trim, and detach the outlet and switch covers. Loads of first-timers fail to take these steps and end up paying for it dearly.

Overlooking Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is used to give your room clean edges and an overall polished appearance. Some homeowners do not have painter’s tape and use masking tape instead. This does not have the same effect, however, and can cause bleeding. Another common mistake is waiting too long to remove the tape; doing this can cause the dried paint to come off with the tape.