A house needs a little TLC to continue looking as good as the first day you bought it or the day you finally got it fixed up exactly how you want. It needs a bit of upkeep on the outside as much as it does on the inside. Occasionally, you’ll need to give your home a fresh coat of exterior paint. There are a few things that you should consider before you get to work on painting your home’s exterior.

What Style is Your Home?

Each style of home has a group of colors that are going to look best with the style. For example, old Victorian homes look best in natural or dark colors while ranch-style homes tend to look better in lighter colors. Along with the style of your home, you should consider your roof’s color. If your roof is gray or black, you shouldn’t have any problem choosing colors. The style of your home also includes landscaping. Consider how the color of your home interacts with your yard.

What Color Is the Interior of Your Home?

The color that you choose for the exterior of your home should also work well as a transition from the outside in. If your exterior is painted in more rustic colors while your interior is painted with modern colors, then the transition is going to be jarring for guests. Finding a color that creates a smooth transition from the exterior to the interior is going to make your home feel complete.

What Do the Homes around You Look Like?

Row of colorful houses You should also consider the homes that are in your neighborhood. What colors are your neighbors’ house? If you live in a creative neighborhood where your neighbors have homes in any color, then feel free to choose any color you want. If neon colors suit your taste, then go crazy and make your house bright. But, if you live in a more conservative neighborhood, you should probably go with a neutral color, such as tan or cream.

The process is relatively simple. Go for a walk in the area. Take your dog or family out for the evening. If walking isn’t your thing, go for a bike ride or a drive. Take your time and examine your neighborhood. Look around and really take in all of the colors that you can see around you. Look at the styles around your neighborhood as well. Find yourself a painter in Marietta and they can give you a few tips about what colors may look best for your home if you’re struggling. Then, get some samples in the colors that you think would look best with your style of home. Test them out on a small section of your home to see how they really look on your home. Finally, make your final decision and let the painters do their work. Your home will be as good as new in no time. Call Fillo Painting at (770)769-7941 for all of your painting needs.