Your kitchen is often the centerpiece of your home, so choosing the right look and feel for the space is essential. A kitchen is both functional and decorative, since it receives a lot of traffic and attention. The choices you make for paint colors in this room can completely change the way the entire space feels, so read on as we reveal the top paint color combinations for your kitchen.

Layered Whites

One of the top trends of the year is layered whites. Interplaying various shades of white creates a look of layered depth, and the ambiance is enhanced with the appearance of diffused light and subtle beauty. Alabaster whites are understated and pure, simple whites are a great staple, clean whites balance other shades, and a combination of clean and soft colors can be lovely in any kitchen. Subway tiles, white cabinetry, and countertops in a contrasting color can finish the look for a modern, magazine-worthy kitchen space.

Soft Neutrals

The era of soft grays and other neutrals is here and it couldn’t be lovelier. Any space in your home can look great in a subtle gray, accented with white or cream trim, but this works particularly well for kitchens. White cabinetry and dark countertops work extremely well with soft grays. Small pops of accent colors can give your kitchen an extra layer of beauty and depth.

Stark Contrasts

Milky blues, dark teals, bold greens, and jewel tones are especially on-trend this year. Rather than covering the entire kitchen in these bold colors, using them in contrast with subtler choices is a pretty and fresh choice. Contrasted with soft whites, grays, or other neutrals, the pop of color can really define a space. Striking contrasts, bold colors, stark lines, and other bold choices make a strong statement while still bringing a touch of beauty and fun.

Lilacs and Purples

Combined with a soft gray, these shades provide a sense of sophistication and warmth. From calming shades to bolder choices, these purples can really make a kitchen pop. White ceilings help to balance things out, and other white or gray accents bring a sense of softness to the space.

As the expert residential painters in Woodstock, we know that you want to create a kitchen space that meets your needs and fits your taste and style, and we are always happy to help you create that perfect look. Find pictures of your dream kitchen, play with various color combinations, and let the sky be the limit as you look at different paint colors for your home.