Everybody knows that neutral paint colors are the best option for reselling a home. They have mass appeal, and allow potential buyers to more easily picture themselves living in your house. But, what if you don’t tend to go anywhere any time soon? What if you want to put a more personal, more adventurous twist on your interior paint colors? Consider trying out some of these trendy color combos when you do any future interior painting in Atlanta.

Mint Green and Hot Pink

Many people like to pair soft, blush-colored pink with mint green in their decor and clothing. But, if you really want to pack a punch, try combining those colors on your walls, and kicking it up a notch by trading blush for hot pink. The softness of the mint green with the intensity of the hot pink creates a dramatic contrast while still allowing the room to feel soft and inviting.

Aquamarine and Electric Blue

If you’re not into dynamic contrasts, try instead to pair bold shades from the same color family. Electric blue and aquamarine is one great example. The colors complement each other, without blending together, giving a room a colorful yet cohesive feel.

Burnt Orange and Charcoal

Here’s a slightly toned-down color combo if you’re not wildly into color. Charcoal gives a room a nice, neutral base without being too bland. The coolness of the color also gives the space a modern feel. But by adding a splash of rusty, burnt orange, you add a dramatic pop of color that livens up the room without overpowering it.

Turquoise and Hot Pink

If you’re really looking to brighten up a space, consider this dramatic color combination. On their own, turquoise and hot pink are already peppy colors. But, by combining them, you can create a tangible, upbeat energy in a room. Just know that this color combo may be a bit too feminine for some tastes.

Purple and Bright Yellow

Purple is a powerful color. From the lightest to the darkest shades, it can add drama and richness to a space. Pair that color with splashes of vibrant yellow, and you create a dynamic contrast that attracts the eye and adds flair to any room. If your space is small, consider a lighter shade of purple to keep the paint from making the room feel even smaller.

When it comes to interior house painting in Atlantacolor can be a great way to personalize your space and make it a reflection of your unique personality. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use color combinations of your own creation.