A lot of effort goes into painting a room. From choosing the paint color and finish, to applying multiple coats, you’ve invested a great deal of time and money in your project. The finished product looks just perfect and you’re filled with a sense of completion and pride.

The day you arrive home to find stains on your walls, it can feel like all that hard work was for nothing. Don’t fret. You can remove stains from all manner of finishes, even exterior paint. Simply be sure to follow the steps suggested by the professionals at house paint exterior in Marietta.

Pick Your Paint Wisely

Preventative action is always the best course for avoiding major issues. After choosing the paint color, be sure to choose a finish that indicates “easy cleaning” and gives the best methods for cleaning that particular surface. The pros at exterior painting in Marietta recommend a gloss.

Timing Is Everything

As a general rule, attacking stains as soon as the accident happens is the best-case scenario resulting in the highest likelihood of full removal. Unfortunately, we’re not always around when our kid’s friend inadvertently spills a cup of dark juice on the wall or the nanny doesn’t notice little Johnny creating a masterpiece with crayon on the dining room wall.

Even so, attack the stain as soon as you see it.

Start Small

Your goal is to remove the stain without causing any, or further, damage to the wall. Always start with the gentlest cleansing method and work your way down the list as necessary.

Gentle blotting is the correct method for stain removal. Do not push hard, rub, or scour. You’ll only move the stain around. The goal is to use the liquid on the sponge to break up the stain molecules just enough that they transfer from the wall to the sponge.

If you’ve tried the most aggressive stain removing strategy without luck, stop and call home exterior painting Marietta. You need a professional to assess the stain before real damage is caused.

Stain Removal Strategies

  • Water Transfer

A simple, damp sponge may just do the trick, keeping you from having to add any harsh degradants to your paint.

  • Vinegar Transfer

A minimal vinegar/water mixture (1/2C-per-gallon) encourages the stain particles to transfer to the sponge.

  • Just Add Magic

If you’ve got a stubborn stain you can try both the water and/or the vinegar strategies with a foam sponge made of melamine, commonly known in households as a “magic eraser”.

  • Degreaser Options

Removing stains that contain grease is a next-level procedure. Talk to a knowledgeable staff member at exterior house painting in Marietta about the right degreaser to add to your cleansing mix.