Summer is a common time for people to work on major home renovations and DIY projects. If you’re using your summer to repaint your home, you likely have a long list of things that need to be repainted. That list can seem overwhelming, but you can get it done by doing it a little at a time. This blog will help you understand how to best prioritize your painting projects. If your list of projects is too long to handle on your own, contact a residential painting company in Canton, GA, to take some of it—or all of it—off your plate.

Exterior Painting

Exterior paint jobs are often overlooked, since you don’t spend a lot of time staring at the outside of your house. But a quality exterior paint job greatly enhances your home’s curb appeal and leaves an excellent first impression on anyone approaching your home. Additionally, that exterior paint provides some protection from the elements that will keep wood features from rotting and metal from rusting, so it’s important to keep up the exterior paint too.

If exterior home painting is on your list of projects, make sure it moves to the very top of your list. As already mentioned, it gives your home some protection, so you don’t want it to get pushed aside and put off until next year. On top of that, getting your home’s exterior repainted is dependent on the weather. So, you’ll want to plan out when you’ll have that done as soon as possible; you can work on interior paint projects any time that weather doesn’t allow you to work on exterior painting.

Please note that we don’t recommend doing exterior painting on your own. This is yet another reason to prioritize it on your list—you’ll want to get on a contractor’s schedule. Professional exterior painters have the experience and equipment needed to do a better job and to do it safely. And once you get that scheduled, you can check this paint project off your list and let the pros handle it while you continue on your other paint projects!


If you’re repainting your ceilings, this should be done before any other interior paint projects. Painting a ceiling can be tricky, and you’re going to have lots of drips and dribbles of paint. You can worry about those a bit less if you’re repainting your walls afterward.

Baseboards and Trim

Next, you’ll want to focus on your baseboards and trim. Getting a nice, clean line on these can be tricky since you’re painting in such a small area. So, again, you’re likely to get some splatter or accidental brushstrokes on your walls when painting these parts of your home. Paint all of the baseboards, door and window frames, crown molding, stair rails, and other trim first, and you don’t have to worry too much about getting it perfect.


Finally, you can focus on repainting your walls. Be sure to tape off that freshly painted trim as well as the ceiling so you have a nice, clean line. Then, put on that fresh coat of paint and cover up any splatters and drips from your previous paint projects.

If you need professional help with your summer projects, contact Fillo Painting Contractors, a top exterior painting contractor in Canton, GA. Call to schedule your exterior paint job now!