Redecorating doesn’t always end well. While painting your interior walls can liven up your home, choosing the right color is an essential part of the process. Trendy colors may seem like a great idea at the time, but often, it’s these colors that people tire of more quickly. Choosing colors that enhance your furnishings and decor always works better than those colors that demand all the attention. They can easily detract from the comfort and appearance of a room.

White is a classic color, and available in a wide variety of shades. Those whites that have a yellowish hue tend to make things look more dated. Grey-whites offer a cleaner, fresher look. A bright, crisp white is always a good choice for ceilings. Colors that mimic those found in nature tend to hold up over time. Stone colors in light shades of brown work well. Greys are classic and available in a spectrum of shades, from brownish tones to lighter, bluish hues. If you find white or gray too boring and want a splash of color, it’s always best to choose those colors on the lighter end of the spectrum. A pale peach color, as well as dusty pink and powder blues, are traditional favorites that can change the atmosphere of a room.

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