Painting your home can be both exciting and stressful. It can also be extremely complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you need some expert help with the paint job, you might call a professional. Though each contractor will do the job differently, all painters in Alpharetta have a few secrets they won’t tell you.

Sand Away Blemishes

If you want to get a perfect paint job, you need a smooth wall first. Before you paint your walls or hire a company to do it for you, take some time to sand your walls. Look for any blemishes in your wall that aren’t smooth, then sand away. You want to sand your walls from the baseboard to the ceiling with a fine grit sanding paper on a sanding pole. Some companies will sand your walls for you, but it will be an extra charge. Companies will not offer to sand your walls if you don’t ask for it. If you decide to sand your walls yourself, make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure on the sanding stick. It can damage your walls.

Take a Screwdriver to Your Ceilings

If you have a textured ceiling, you may have noticed that it’s nearly impossible to get a straight line along the top of your wall without getting paint everywhere. Professional painters have come up with a simple solution to this problem. Run a screwdriver along the perimeter of your ceilings. this will scrape off the texture on this area, and allow a straight line to be painted.

Use the Same Things the Pros Do

When you paint a room, you’re going to make a bit of a mess—it happens to everyone. You’ll want to cover your floor before you begin painting. Some people use tarps while most people use sheets. Thin bedsheets won’t stop spills or splatters from seeping through to your carpet. You definitely don’t want to live with a tacky paint stain. Professionals use canvas drop cloths. They aren’t slippery like tarps, and they won’t allow paint to seep through like bed sheets.

Finish One Wall Before You Start Another

Professional painters get a seamless look by cutting in one wall, then rolling it before starting another wall. It might seem like a good idea for you to paint all the corners and trim in a room first, but it’s not.

Wash Roller Covers

Regardless of what quality of roller covers you bought, make sure you wash them before painting with them. If you don’t wash the rollers, your paint and walls will be full of little unwanted fuzz. Washing them before use will eliminate the unwanted fuzz. Don’t worry about letting them dry, you can use roller covers even when they’re wet.