Most of you have likely undertaken a painting job before, from small crafts to larger home projects. Painting is artistic, fun, and it can be simple. When you complete a job done well, it feels good. However many people, in Marietta and beyond, have noticed that even their best painting doesn’t equal the professional work of the local painting company. Why? What makes the difference? Let us explain.   

Pro Painting Techniques

Most paint contractors have a lot more experience than the average do-it-yourselfer. When you do something every day, week after week, year in and year out, you’re bound to get pretty good at it. Professional painters are not only trained on specific techniques for certain types of jobs, they learn through experience what works and what doesn’t. For example, delicate jobs like base boards, trim, or certain types of furniture, require an angled brush that is not too loaded with paint. They’ll hold the brush at the right angle, use a gentle touch, and blend the application of paint carefully so the coat is an even layer. Cutting in corners, painting doors, and painting ceilings will all require their own techniques.

The Right Paint

You may be tempted to save money painting your own house by choosing a less expensive paint brand. Just be careful not to sacrifice quality. Cheaper prices usually mean the paint is more diluted. Highly pigmented paints have brighter, longer-lasting color and higher quality paints are less likely to fade and chip with time. Also, don’t skimp on primer!


The right painting equipment can help you get a more professional looking paint job as well as make the job a whole lot easier for you! We already mentioned an angled brush for trim. For jobs that require a roller, choose the right roller. Look at the nap, or fiber length, of the roller. You’ll get more texture with a longer nap, so choose accordingly. One of the most important rules is not to choose a cheap brush. Bristles coming off into the paint while you’re working can slow you down and sabotage your work! Make sure you have brushes, rollers, buckets, painting rods, drop cloths, and tape ready before you start so you’re not scrambling for your equipment after the paint has been exposed to air.

Use Tape Wisely

Some professional painters in Marietta use painter’s tape and some do not, depending on the job. If you use it, use it right, and use plenty of it. Go for a wider tape to help cover potential drips or stray swipes of a brush. Make sure the tape is pressed firmly to the surface to help prevent leakage. And try to remove the tape soon after applying the last coat as it will come off easier without pulling paint off with it.

As always, feel free to call our team if you have questions or would like us to tackle the job for you!