As seasoned interior painting contractors in Canton, GA, we know the excitement and anticipation that comes with prepping for a new baby. We understand how much you want to create the perfect space for them.

Trends pass so quickly, almost as quickly as your baby will grow, and you want to choose a timeless color that won’t go out of style in a few short months. You want to choose a color that will both stand the test of time and provide a loving space for your baby to grow and develop.

What to do? Don’t worry. Here are 5 not-too-cool, not-too-warm, just right colors that will provide a beautiful backdrop for your baby’s first adventures. Each color displays its own personality and will quietly set the tone for your nursery space.


This color is not too bright, while still providing a healthy dose of warmth and enthusiasm. Shades in the orange family are friendly and lively, but a subtle apricot remains on the neutral side. It’s perfect as a backdrop for an active, fun personality to explore the world.

Butter Yellow

You do want to avoid bright harsh yellow as it agitates rather than soothes. But, a nice subtle, soft yellow, such as butter yellow, gives a lively and cheerful feel to the space. This low-key yellow is timeless. It will help provide a fresh outlook and an encouraging perspective. With this color, your baby will be enveloped in a constant sense of charm and good cheer.


This soothing combination of blue with green evokes the freedom of the ocean and a summer day at the shore. Calming and cooling, without bringing on the “blues,” the right shade of aqua can be a great alternative to baby-boy blue. If you’re trying to avoid a nature look, it’s a nice alternative to green as well. Aqua brings a refreshing and upbeat quality all its own.


If you do want to bring the bring the calming warmth of nature into the space, go for a soft fern green. Shades of green are nurturing. This subtle green speaks of growth and creates a thriving atmosphere in which to explore and learn about the wonders of the world. If you’re going for the serenity and peace of a hike on a well-worn trail, a light fern green is a great choice.

Neutral Taupe

Many believe that a neutral backdrop encourages expression and individuality. Earthy and grounding, taupe brings that perfect balance between warm and cool. Like any neutral, taupe allows for the use of brighter pops of color sprinkled about the space through accents and other items of décor. Taupe can bring a sense of tradition and classic style, and at the same time a feeling of cozy livability. A generous color, taupe can also accommodate your family’s changing style over time.