Considering painting your home? Here are four important reasons we think you should take the plunge and invest in home exterior painting this spring.

Worn Out Paint

Over time, the weather, changes in temperature, and spikes in the humidity levels that occur naturally with the changing of the seasons can wear on the painted finish of your home’s exterior. While exterior paint is designed to withstand these conditions, it will need to be repainted every so often in order to maintain its ability to protect your home from the weather.

Moisture in the form of rain, snow, high humidity, and other weather conditions, can soften the paint and at the same time cause it to swell. Over time, this leads to paint that peals and flakes off the wood. Likewise, the changes in temperature and humidity levels cause the wood itself to swell and shrink, which can stress the paint and cause it to crack. If you notice any cracks, flaking paint or places where the bare wood is showing, it’s time to repaint.

Prevent Major Repairs

Repainting the exterior of our home is a great way to find out what repairs are needed to the outside of your home. Prepping your home for a fresh coat of paint can reveal any number of small issues that need to be repaired before they turn into bigger problems. Keeping the wood painted can also help prevent issues like rot, which can happen in areas where the paint is flaking off, and moisture has a chance to get into the unprotected wood.

Likewise, a fresh coat of paint can help prevent the invasion of carpenter bees. Carpenter bees avoid painted wood and only burrow into unfinished wood, or wood where the paint is flaking off. Keeping your exterior wood painted will prevent them from making themselves at home.

Improve Curb Appeal

Are you considering selling your home sometime soon? Having the exterior of your home freshly painted makes your home look like new on the outside, and will help draw potential buyers in for a second look. It also helps portray the idea that you have taken excellent care of your home, so buyers will not worry about buying a house with a lot of maintenance issues.

Time for an Updated Look

Repainting your home gives you a great chance to update the look and feel of your home and allow it to stand out among the other homes on your street. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to update your outdated home without doing costly renovations.