It Looks Good

Why paint anything? Why paint your car or your house? The reason is because it looks better painted. Your garage floor is no exception. Brand new concrete looks good, and new concrete can’t be painted anyways due to the high PH level. How long has it been since your concrete was new? Concrete is like a sponge, not only does it absorb water, but it also takes a stain from everything from a can of soda to the oil in your car. A contractor that does residential painting in Marietta, GA, can take your floor from drab to fab.


The other top reason to paint anything is to protect. Over time, some of those liquids that fall onto and absorb into your concrete can actually damage your garage floor. Salty snow or mud, soda, or even break fluid can seep into your concrete floor and cause premature spalling or cracking. An epoxy garage floor finish will both beautify and protect your concrete floor. The chemical resistant nature of epoxy means that pretty much any liquid in your car or home won’t leave a mark on your floor.


For some people, the garage is an extension of their living space. Many people seek out residential painting services in Marietta, GA, to completely finish the walls and ceilings of their garages, but stop short of carpeting, tile, woods, or laminates for the floors. They want the garage to look good but still be a garage. A painted floor won’t only look good, but it will clean-up very easily. Whether it’s a quick sweep, or a mop, the paint film fills the crevasses and dimples that hide dust and dirt.


With the addition of anti-slip granules, your garage floor can be the safest floor to walk-on in your home, even if it’s wet. Whether it’s snow, ice, or leaking oil and break fluid, an anti-skid epoxy garage floor will protect and beautify for years to come.

If you’re interested in more reason to paint your garage floor, give the experts at Fillo Painting a call.