Everyone enjoys having a lovely, aesthetically-pleasing home. An excellent exterior paint job can be a big part of that, but sometimes people worry about the cost of such a project. However, that doesn’t have to be a worry for you. With a few helpful tips, you’ll be able to trim your painting budget, and you should be able to tackle an exterior paint job for your home with minimal worry and an affordable price tag. Below you’ll find four helpful tips to help you save money on your painting budget.

Always Opt for Quality Paint

A lot of people think that they can save money by buying cheap, bargain-bin paint. The opposite is actually true. Quality paint requires fewer coats in order to cover your home, which in turn means you can use less paint for the same job. Additionally, quality paint tends to be far more durable, meaning that it won’t peel or chip as easily as cheaper paints. This will save you money on touch-ups and allow you to go a bit longer before you have to paint your home again. Quality paint also avoids scuffing or fading over time. That keeps your home looking fresh and colorful for much longer. Even if that doesn’t result in savings, it’ll certainly result in you being happier with the results. For exterior paint jobs in Roswell, you should always opt for quality and savings.

Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Having a different color for trim work is understandable, but it’s best to avoid going wild with the number of colors. One primary color and a secondary color can be gorgeous, so there’s no need to use the entire color wheel in order to have a lovely paint job for your home. The fewer colors you use, the more you can save. You might be thinking this just saves on the cost of materials, but it can also save on labor. The more painters have to shift from one job to the next and one paint to the next, the longer the work will take.

Refresh, Don’t Replace

If you believe that your home’s paint has dulled or faded over time, it’s cheaper, easier, and faster to simply repaint your home with the same color, rather than change it. If you’re happy with your color scheme, consider keeping it and simply refreshing the paint job as opposed to replacing it altogether.

Primer Saves Paint

Primer should always be used, and it’s far cheaper than repeatedly adding additional coats of paint. You’re not saving money by avoiding primer. It will actually be the opposite.

ForĀ exterior house painting in Roswell, you should always remember that it’s better to do quality, cost-effective work, rather than shortchanging yourself and your home. What might sound like a money-saving option isn’t always the case.