Painting is one of the best ways to improve any home or business. Color alone has such a huge impact on your design schemes, and also on how you perceive your environment. But, when it comes to interior house paint in Alpharetta, be sure you work with a professional team of painters for the best results, including a clean appearance without streaks or other flaws.

Humans have been painting what they wear, use, and inhabit for thousands of years. Only now, the technology is better than ever. Because painting is such as a huge part of human history, it’s important to learn some fun facts from interior painting contractors about how it works and what humans have done to improve where they live. Here are 3 fun facts about paint.

Most of It Gets Thrown Away

It’s been reported that about 10% of the paint Americans purchase is eventually thrown away. That adds up to 60 million gallons of paint ending up in landfills! There are many reasons why so much paint may be thrown out. For one, people who work without hiring painting services may overestimate how much they need, or require several more coats of paint to get the same results.

Paint Has Historical Significance

Paint used to serve some important purposes in history. The oldest known paints were made of lime and milk, with some natural pigmentations from the environment mixed in for richer color. Because painters had to grind pigments by hand, paint was extremely expensive to make and purchase. King Tut’s tomb was covered in rich milky paint, and the interior house painting contractors of that day spared no expense making the tomb as colorful as possible. Even the original White House was painted in white, lime-based paint to honor its importance.

Color Has Meaning

Specific colors have had certain meanings to the human eye, and this goes back to human evolution. Take, for instance, the fact that humans can distinguish more shades of green than any other color, which may have been helpful in early human years for distinguishing various types of plants, identifying which served practical purposes or were edible. Today, color is still important. For instance, red doors often symbolize a safe house or a house with a paid mortgage. Yellow, meanwhile, inspires positive energy and is actually known to improve your mood. Interior house painting contractors recommend not painting bedrooms yellow because its energy interrupts your sleep.

Remember to always rely on contractors for interior house paint in Alpharetta. They know much more about paint, including how to mix it, apply it, and design around it.