Are you looking for autumn painting projects but don’t know what to do? There are a number of painting projects that do best during the most comfortable season of the year, and some that actually help you prepare your home for the long and cold winter months ahead. Here are 3 painting projects that are perfect for fall.

Deck Painting

This is the best time to get your outdoor deck sanded and repainted. The damage that occurs over the wintertime isn’t because of the cold, it’s because of moisture that seeps and soaks into the wood and then expands because of the freezing temperatures. The way to circumvent or prevent this problem is by not letting any moisture in to the wood before the cold season begins. Local paint contractors in Alpharetta know exactly what sort of paint job will not only last for the season, but for years to come.


Many times a draft or cold air seepage into your home is due to windows or doors that aren’t properly sealed. The reason for this draft could be because the paint and sealants on your windowsills and casements have long worn off, and now have a slight crack where air can constantly bring in cold air. Getting a fresh coat of paint can solve these air leaks from getting into your home. In addition, many types of window frames are made with wood and can fall under the same moisture problems as an outdoor deck can. Keep moisture and cold air outside of your home by repainting the windows in your home before this winter comes in full force.


Winter is harsh to your home due to ice, water, dirt, and the wind chill associated with blizzards. Oftentimes, these strong winds can tear chips of paint right off the sides of your home and will do lasting damage in the springtime. House repairs are costly, but preventing the problem early on is much cheaper. Look at the walls, windows, pillars, and garage for areas where the paint is peeling or needs a new coat. Painting the exterior of your home is impossible once it gets too cold, and any problem that should have been attended to will have to wait until springtime. Take care of your home and your family by doing a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior once it starts to get cold at night.

Winterizing your home is essential for saving money come springtime. Getting paint jobs done when they are needed can save you thousands of dollars and headaches in the following spring. Be sure to inspect your property both inside and out, including windowsills, patios, decks, and walls. If you see any area of your house that is overdue for painting, call your local paint contractors in Alpharetta.