Looking to repaint the interior or exterior of your home? Wondering who you should choose to finish such an important project? Look no further than Fillo Painting in Roswell, GA. Our painters provide the best painting services with exceptional workmanship and the best customer service. Wondering why we believe we are the best option? Here’s why:

Why Are We The Best?

We at Fillo Painting proudly service the Roswell, Georgia, area as well as the entire North metro Atlanta area. As we are a full-service painting company, we have experience painting anything from interior rooms to exterior home paint jobs. We are the best choice for residential painting jobs, because we don’t simply finish the job we were hired for and then leave. We ensure that our painting job lives up to the expectation of our customers before finishing any project we start and use only the best and highest quality materials to ensure that your home looks as beautiful as it can be! And because we know that we provide the best interior and exterior painting services in the area, we offer warranties for all of our work.  If your exterior or interior paint job isn’t lasting as long as you imagined, simply call us back and we will fix it—at no cost to you!

Painting Services

Our painting services are the best in the industry—with the best price for the highest quality job. If you are wondering about the services we offer, we offer any painting services for residential homes. From interior painting jobs, whether one room or five, to exterior painting jobs, whether a touch up or the entirety of your home, we are able to complete a thorough and detailed paint job. First, we prep the surface by sanding and texturizing your walls inside and pressure washing and scraping your exterior walls. After, we prime, paint, and finish your walls for a beautiful and sealed finish. If you are wondering specifically about the services we offer, feel free to email for a quote, or call for more information.

Our Customer Service

Lastly, we are extremely proud of our customer service. With some of the most courteous and professional painters and contractors in the business, we are confident that you will be treated with the utmost respect. Feel free to take a look at feedback from our previous customers to see what they think of our services. You won’t be disappointed. Call us today, and see what we can do to help you!