Professional Painters in John’s Creek, Georgia

Fillo Painting is a full-service painting company proudly serving John’s Creek, Georgia. We offer high-quality residential and commercial painting using only top quality materials and experienced painters. You get professional-grade painting, inside and out, at a fair and competitive price.

Exterior Painting

At Fillo Painting, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our exterior house painting services. We do the job right. We pressure wash your home to remove dirt, mildew, mold, and help remove peeling or chipping paint. Once the surface is clean and dry, we prep the entire area. We scrape any loose or flaking paint, then we sand rough areas, repair stucco and rotten wood, and prime where needed.

Our skilled carpenters can replace rotten wood siding, fascia boards, soffits, or damaged wood trim around windows and doors to make sure you get a paint job that will last.

A high-quality residential painting job, coupled with excellent workmanship, refreshes the appearance of your home with a new, clean look that has an impact. A home with great curb appeal adds value to the neighborhood. Well-maintained homes attract good residents, and that makes safer neighborhoods.

We believe that quality painting, done by experienced painters with superior skills, beautifies the neighborhood. Fillo Painting offers exactly that. Our residential painters in John’s Creek, GA, have experience painting homes with different types of exteriors and styles.

We’re so confident in the quality of our home exterior painting that we offer a two-year warranty on labor and a five-year warranty on the materials. If a problem arises, we’ll come right out and do everything we can to ensure your total satisfaction with our work. The job isn’t done until you’re completely happy with the finished product.

Interior Painting

The professional painters at Fillo Painting in John’s Creek, GA, are some of the most careful, considerate, and accomplished interior house painters in the area. We’re always aware that we’re in your home, so we treat it with the respect and consideration it deserves.

If you want a quality interior house paint job done by friendly professionals who care about your satisfaction, call us.

Why Work With Us?

Read testimonials from our customers and you’ll see a pattern of recognition and appreciation of great service and workmanship. Our painters are polite, respectful, and professional. They pay attention to every detail and strive to provide excellent customer service.

Our goal is to meet both our high standards and your high expectations. We welcome your questions as we work, and we want your feedback.

Detailed Attention

Fillo painters do more than just throw around some drop cloths to protect your home. With great care and attention to details, we protect your belongings and prepare surfaces to be painted. That careful attention assures an outstanding finished job. Fillo Painting will give you the best interior paint job possible.

Long-Lasting Value

From walls and ceilings to trim and cabinets, you can count on us for quality painting.

If have questions about choosing colors or textures, we can help. We want to make sure the paint reflects your individual style and creates the ambiance you want for your home. We understand the value of a quality paint job, whether inside or outside your home.

Additional Services We Offer

While we specialize in painting services, Fillo Painting is also experienced with a number of other home services. Contact us for any of the following types of jobs:

  • Siding and chimney installation and repairs
  • Drywall installation and repairs
  • Basement finishing
  • Flooring installation, including tiles, laminate, carpet, and hardwood
  • Tiling or retiling of showers and backsplashes
  • Roofing installation and repairs
  • Seamless gutter installation and repairs
  • Deck and fence installation

Whatever residential painting services or home improvement projects you may have, there’s no job too big or small for Fillo Painting. Contact us for all of your home repair and home improvement needs.

Contact Us Today

Have questions about our services? Whether you want to hire painters or carpenters, Fillo Painting has the professionals you need. We’re happy to give you a quote on your painting, remodeling, or installation project. If you need work done in John’s Creek, Georgia, contact us today!