Bedroom with wood floors, white bed, and one accent wall painted green

When it comes to painting your home, you might think sticking to one color is the best plan of action. One color throughout the house can create a cohesive look and make it easier to decorate and pick furniture. However, what some don’t realize is that this can be more difficult to strategically choosing colors. Why is that? We discuss this myth in our blog.

Why One Color?

There are straightforward reasons why the one colored home is still a popular idea today. For one, using one color throughout an entire house is much quicker. It saves time on picking out multiple colors and having to coordinate them all. It is also less expensive to stick with one color. Many professional painters will recommend this option for those that are on a budget. In addition, having one color throughout is also an easy way to create color flow from one room to the next.

However, the truth is that even if you choose one color, it won’t always show up exactly how you’d like. The same color can change from room to room depending on undertones, lighting, and other factors. This gives you less overall control over how you want your home to look, and you may end up having to account for these “different” colors when decorating anyways.

Say Yes to Many Colors

It’s important to dedicate attention to each room of your home when painting. You can do this by choosing completely different colors or different shades of one color.

Sampling paint is an important part of the selection process when you’re wanting to stay with similar colors. Monochromatic color schemes using different shades in a technique that can be employed in an entire home and not just individual rooms. Make sure to sample colors throughout the day and the night so you know exactly how it will appear as the light changes.

Incorporating different colors into your home while also implementing your primary color is a good way to achieve color continuity. You can have your solo shade serve as a connecting color, just be sure to accent it with additional colors to give your home an enhanced energy flow. Color can have considerable impacts on your mental state so taking the time to be intentional with your choices can make your home feel inviting and comfortable for a long time.

You can look up suggested color schemes or ask your professional painter for opinions. You’ll find that everyone has their own preferences for their space, for example, some like green kitchens while others may prefer bright colors like yellow in their cooking space. At the end of the day, ask yourself how the colors make you feel and if you see yourself enjoying it for many years.

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