House painting of any type can be transformative. There is nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to help you fall back in love with your home.

While most people give the interior painting project a lot of thought, they often overlook putting that same level of thought into their exterior painting job. Choosing the right colors for the exterior of your home, including picking the correct accent colors, will result in a beautiful exterior.

Add Some Wow Factor

If the front of your home is not as decorative as you want it to be, painting the exterior and using accent colors on your garage and front door can create a great focal point. It can make your home more inviting and deliver a great aesthetic that helps your home stand out.

Some Tips to Follow

Accent colors for your garage door and front door can upgrade your curb appeal. To get the full benefits of using accent colors for exterior house painting, you need to pick the right colors. One of the first things to remember is that you do not want your front door and garage door to be the same color. Your front door should be the real focal point of your home’s exterior.

Neither do you want your front door and garage door to “compete.” In other words, if you are going to go bold on your front door, do not go bold on your garage door. It is recommended that you do the following before deciding on color:

  • View paint colors at different times of the day. Tape a sample on the front door and view it in full sunlight then again at dusk. Lighting can drastically change how a color appears.
  • Typically, you want to match the garage door color to the trim color of the house. Using your home trim’s accent color on the garage door will provide contrast while tying it all together.
  • Feel free to go bold with your front door but try to stay complementary. When you are choosing your front door color, consider the style of your home, the primary body color, and your home’s personality.

Accent colors on both the garage doors and the front door can instantly make your home look more appealing. Taking the time to consider what colors you should use on your exterior house painting project can give you a look that you will love for years to come.

Ensuring you get the right results for your home depends heavily on choosing a professional painter who has the skill set to get the job done and can provide advice about color choices. Let Fillo Painting help you transform the exterior of your home. Call (770) 796-4880 today or contact us on our website for the professional painting services your home deserves.