Finding out the perfect time for a window sash replacement can be tricky, especially if you have no clue how to spot a damaged or malfunctioning sash. Even though a sash will not last forever, when installed properly, it can last for more than 20 years.

But, if you are living in areas with a harsh climate, then the sash is bound to need replacement more quickly. If you want to know the tricks to pick out the best time for sash window repairs, you’ve come to the right place.

Because of years in professional interior painting, we can share all the ins and outs of replacing the window sash with you. Here is how you can spot when the sash needs changing.

What Is a Window Sash?

The sash is the component of the window that holds the glass pane and moves. It will fit inside the frame. The design and type of sash vary. For instance, with double-hung windows, you are getting a lower and an upper sash, which will move up and down. Due to its double sash feature, this kind of window is practical for day-to-day use.

A slider window, on the other hand, features a single sash that glides from left to right. A casement window has the exact same sash design, but the sash will use a crank handle to operate.

When Is the Right Time for a Window Sash Replacement?

If the sash appears rotten or has certain defects, it is time for a window sash replacement. You can spot the time when you notice daft in your room, although the window is completely shut. There is also condensation, faded color, streaks, leaks, and stains on the wall that surrounds the window.

When you do sash window repairs, particularly with a wooden window, you will need to reseal it. To make sure the sash is in a perfect state, inspect it once a year. Just scan the area for mildew, mold, wood deterioration, or scratches. If there is nothing wrong with the sash visually, then make sure the window provides a firm seal and doesn’t leak air. Another thing to keep in mind is maintenance. If you take good care of the sash, it is less likely to deteriorate. You will be able to move it effortlessly, and it will function properly.

How to Keep the Sash in Tip-Top Shape

Cleaning the windows should be a top priority. But, if you have wooden windows, then painting them will also come in handy. Repainting the sash case every three to four years will help protect it from the elements. You can also try to use oil or rubbing wax directly on the hinges to help unstuck the frame. But make sure you don’t leave any sticky residue, dirt, and dust on the windows since they can affect the sash case. Leaving any kind of moisture on the sash will create a breeding ground for mold and fungi. This is not something you want to create. It will compromise the structural integrity of your window.