So you’ve scheduled you interior painting appointment with your local paint contractor, now what? You may wonder what services are covered along with the painting they plan to do and how much preparation you need to put in before the day of painting. We’re here to cover some of the basics we offer with our interior painting services.


Painting is an obvious one here but let us elaborate. We use the highest quality materials on your home at a fair and competitive price. When it comes to painting, we’re a full-service company with years of experience. This means you also get extensive knowledge with your service whether you’re looking for recommendations on paint color and sheen or suggestions for how to open up your space.


Caulk is an important part of making any interior paint job look amazing. This material creates an overall smooth look for the finish. It works as a gap-filling bond along joints in the wall, baseboards, and on the crown molding so that the final aesthetic is a polished and professional look.

Fixing Cracks

It’s important to tackle any cracks in the wall before you begin painting. We can handle small blemishes like hairline cracks to larger ones that create an eyesore. Removing cracks beforehand helps the final product look as good as new and it gives the paint a much smoother surface to adhere to.


Ceilings are notorious for little problems such as cracks that can appear without you noticing. We go in and make sure everything is looking great before we get started. We also offer interior painting services on the ceiling so if you’re looking to refresh the color or brighten up a room, we can handle that for you too.


We’re experts when it comes to painting which means we know the best way to upgrade the look of your home the right way. Did you know that you shouldn’t apply paint directly over stained trim? We have thorough processes in place that properly prepare the trim and sand down outer coats of the surface before going in the right tools to get the job done.

Filling in Holes

Like cracks, holes in the wall can’t be covered up with a layer of paint. This is because paint goes on in such thin layers that the only way to get a smooth finished look is to go in and fill the holes before you get started. However, you don’t have to worry about putting in the work yourself. We’ll fix up all the nail holes so that your paint job looks great once it’s completed.

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