Exterior trim on your house plays more roles than you would think. It helps your home look nice, giving it an added design element while also doing a lot to keep your home safe to live in. This is an aspect of home renovations that many people overlook to focus on bigger projects. However, giving your home’s trim some love and attention and go a long way in keeping in looking great and livable.

Design Aesthetic

Design is one of the first thoughts that come to mind when people bring up trim. While it may seem like a smaller aspect of your home, it can go a long way in breaking up the monotony of your house’s color. Think of trim as a way of adding depth and character to a house. It can help highlight certain features or structures like windows, the front porch, the garage, etc.

Trim should be used anywhere two surfaces of the house join or change direction. You’ll see the big difference it makes once you have it highlighting your corners, roof, windows, corners, etc.

Moisture Barrier

There is also a functional value for trim. Because it is used at many vulnerable points of the home’s exterior, it acts as the perfect barrier to moisture and pests. The trim usually bridges gaps between the home’s siding and the ground. This trim is in place to help protect the exterior house materials from moisture and can be important to keeping it away from the interior of the house.

Choosing Your Trim

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing trim. Many will go with different types of wood for a warmer look while polymer, cellular PVC, and fiber cement can also be used. These can be left unpainted for a unique look but most often, people will choose to paint the trim to complement the home.

When choosing a paint color for your trim, pick something that contrasts with the rest of the house while still fitting within the aesthetic. White is a great go-to color for many houses and is a safe one for many homeowners to choose. If you’re open to more color, you can also experiment with other options like reds, browns, blues, or grays.

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