Your home’s first line of defense against the elements isn’t the actual material that makes up your home’s exterior, but the paint that protects that exterior. A quality paint job can last at least five years, depending on the underlying surface as well as other factors like weather conditions and the quality of the previous paint job. Unfortunately, many homeowners try to save money by stretching out the length of time before having the exterior painted again. This can be a gamble for a number of reasons. Here’s what you need to know about the risks of putting off exterior painting in Canton, GA.


One of the biggest problems for a house with an unprotected exterior is the potential for rot. Dry rot occurs when the wood structure of your home is exposed to fungi that break down the materials in wood that hold it together. Dry rot only affects wood that’s damp, which means when your home’s protective layer of paint wears away, you’re susceptible to rot. The fungi spores travel through the air, so properly caring for your home’s exterior is the only way to keep it from being weakened from the fungi. Properly priming, sealing, and painting a house with a wood exterior can substantially improve your chances of avoiding dry rot. 

Reduced Energy Efficiency 

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that ignoring the exterior of their home can negatively impact their home’s energy efficiency. First of all, when the wood is constantly exposed to the sun’s heat and UV rays, it will dry out and begin cracking. This can leave actual holes that can allow heat to seep through the walls. In addition, a painting company will check out the condition of the fascia and trim. This helps determine if any repairs are needed that could help reduce heat loss, specifically the caulk that goes around the windows and trim of doors. 

Moisture Problems 

Moisture is a concern not only because it contributes to dry rot, but because of the additional problems water exposure can cause. When the paint peels away, the humidity, rain, sleet, or snow can work its way into the areas of your home that aren’t designed to hold moisture. The insulation, sheetrock, and interior paint can all be damaged by penetrating moisture and can end up costing thousands of dollars to repair. In addition to the damage caused by moisture, you’re at a much higher risk of mold growth that can further damage your home and cause health problems for the home’s occupants as well. The paint is a vital barrier for keeping moisture out of your home. 

Less Insect Resistance 

Old Paint on House Insects are another concern when the paint begins to wear away. There are a multitude of insects and rodents that feed on the wood structures of your home and make a home for them inside as well. Painting can help keep insects like carpenter bees and termites away from your home. Regularly painting the home’s exterior also helps you locate areas of concern that might be used as access points for insects and rodents.

Higher Cost 

Finally, procrastinating painting can cost you more money in the long run. Paint contractors in Canton, GA, have to spend a lot more time preparing your home for painting when you delay it. They’ll use more materials and time making repairs and removing old paint when the painting is delayed for too long. To schedule your appointment today, contact Fillo Painting today.