If you are building your home, selecting types of gutters probably might not be top of your list. However, it is a crucial factor to get the look and feel of your house right.

Gutters are available in several colors, sizes, and prices that can be perfect for your budget and put the classy finishing touches on your home. If you are new to the world of improvement and don’t know what type of gutter to include in your décor, here is a handy guide of all the gutter types you can choose from.

What Are The Best Gutter Types?

There are two basic shapes of the gutter.

  • K-shape gutters

This type of gutter has flat bottoms and backs and has a “K” shape. The front side is hard or has a decorative style that is visible. It is available in varying width to fit your requirement.

  • Half-round gutters

This type of gutter is widely used in old buildings. They are straightforward to install and are typically less expensive than K-shaped gutters. However, if you are worried about capacity and performance, K-shaped gutters are the better choice.

What Are the Best Gutter Materials?

  • Aluminum

The most commonly used material for gutters is aluminum. It is light and easy to install. If you want to install your own gutters and save on the installation cost, this is perhaps the type of material you should choose.

They last a very long time and do not rust even if you live in an area that is humid or rainy. If you plan on having your gutters custom-made, you can also go for seamless aluminum which has an excellent track record and a reduced chance of leakage due to seamless binding. Installing these gutters require experience, so you might not be able to install them by yourself.

  • Steel

Steel is another conventionally used material for gutters. Some treated steel gutters can even resist rust, so they can last a very long time. However, when you compare them to aluminum or seamless aluminum gutters, they are not as durable. They’re a little more expensive and cannot be installed without expert handling.

  • Zinc

This is the most expensive and the highest rated when it comes to durability amongst all the gutter materials. The various parts and seams of this type of gutter need to be welded, so you might need professionals to do it for you. These type of gutters are mainly installed on very expensive or high-end systems.

  • Vinyl

If you are looking for gutters on a budget, vinyl is your friend. They are extremely inexpensive and light. You can even install them by yourself by following the manufacturer’s guide or installation instructions. However, if you live where there are severe weather conditions such as harsh winters or summers, they can crack or fade in color under harsh sunlight.

That said, do you want to choose the best gutter type for your establishment? We are here to help. Talk with us today.