When it comes time to repaint the exterior of your home, you want to be sure you are using the best exterior paint brands available. Not all paints are created equal, and using low-quality paint can lead to unsatisfying results and could cost you more in the long run.

We’ll discuss what makes one paint brand better than others, and why it’s important to use high-quality paint for your home. We’ll also provide a list of the best exterior paint brands available on the market today, and provide some tips on how to choose the right brand for your needs.

The Importance of Using the Best Exterior Paint Brand

When it comes to exterior painting, using the best paint brand possible is crucial. Poor-quality paint can lead to a range of issues, including chipping, fading, and cracking in just a few years. With high-quality paint, your home will stay looking beautiful for a longer period of time, and you won’t have to worry about spending extra money on repairs or touch ups down the road.

What Makes a Paint Brand Better Than Others?

Not all paint is created equal, and there are certain factors that separate good quality paints from bad ones. Some of these factors include:

  • Durability
  • Color Retention
  • VOC Levels
  • Price


The most important factor when it comes to choosing a paint brand is how long it will last. You want to make sure you are using a paint that will stand up to the elements and not fade or chip within just a few years of being applied.

Generally, higher-quality paints are more expensive, but this is because they contain more of the ingredients that make them durable and long-lasting. These ingredients include UV blockers, mildewcide, anti-fade agents, and more.

Color Retention

Good paint will keep its color longer, even when exposed to direct sunlight or other extreme weather conditions.

VOC Levels

This stands for volatile organic compounds and it refers to the level of chemical fumes that are released into the air while the paint is being applied. Low VOC paints are better for the environment and healthier for you.

Higher-end paints tend to have higher VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels, which can contribute to better coverage and a smoother finish.


Of course, cost matters when considering which paint brand to use for your home.  Make sure to do your research and compare prices from different brands before making a purchase. High-quality paint usually costs a bit more, but they’ll also last longer and provide better coverage, making it worth the extra cost.

It’s important to note that expensive paints are not always the best option. If you want quality results without breaking the bank, there are mid-range paint brands that provide excellent coverage and durability without crazy costs.

Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Brand

When it comes to choosing the right exterior paint brand, you want to look for those that are well-reviewed by painting professionals and home renovation experts. Reading reviews from reliable sources can help you decide which brand is right for your needs.

When deciding on an exterior paint brand, it can be helpful to consult with an expert. Painting professionals have years of experience in the field and understand which brands provide the best coverage, durability, and finish. They can also help you decide which paint is right for your project and budget.

Hire the Right Team for the Job with Fillo Painting

At Fillo Painting, we know that your exterior paint job is not just about aesthetics—but about protection, and choosing the perfect paint for the job is the key. This is where our team can help. We will not only make sure the job is done right, but our expert team will also use the perfect exterior paint for your needs and situation.

Selecting the right exterior paint brand is essential for a successful home renovation project. Contact us today to consult with an expert who can help you make the most informed decision for your home and take care of everything for you.