Color is one method of brightening up your home and also a good way to add a bit of happiness to your day too. Incorporating just little touches of color can be enough to bring more life to your home’s exterior and add to its curb appeal. There’s plenty of ideas out there for those looking to make the little additions and they will most definitely change up the look of your home!

Color Coordinating Hardware

The smallest aspects of your house can end up making one of the biggest differences. Take a look at your doorknobs, mailboxes, house numbers, lights, and knockers and see if you can make some upgrades there. You can pick out a completely new metal that complement each other or, better yet, choose the same color to refinish it all with.

Contrasting Shutters

Those who have shutters can add a new coat of paint that looks good with the rest of the house exterior while still standing out. Those who don’t have shutters can consider making this aesthetic addition to their home. There’s a lot of freedom here with being using dark colors to add contrast to neutral houses or bright, pastel colors to liven up a white house.

Colorful Siding

The options for vinyl siding have expanded immensely since they were first created. Rather than choosing a neutral color, you can go for something with more whimsical like a light blue or yellow. There are endless of options to choose from here.

Garage Door

The garage takes up a decent amount of space when it comes to a first glance at your home. There are many manufacturers that will customize garage doors to the color of your choice but if you are looking for a quicker and less expensive option you can simply paint it. Pick a color that coordinates well with the rest of your home by looking to your accent colors, trim, or shutters for inspiration.

Grand Front Entrance

The front door is something that people don’t think of when it comes to painting but one of the first parts of a home that someone notices when it is done well. Have you ever come across a home that has a bold red or dark green door? Or even a house with a cheery yellow or deep orange front door? These are the homes that people admire and look to for an inviting entrance.

Painting the Exterior

While not a minor change, sometimes changing up the color of your entire exterior is exactly what you need to brighten up your space and put a smile on your face after a long day at work. Choose something that suits you while also making sure it is in line with the standards of the area you live in. If you’re nervous about such a big update, there are even home color visualizing tools you can find online to see the color before you commit.

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