The options of residential windows have continued to expand throughout the years as more and more designs are introduced to the housing market. Whether you are building a house or renovating your current one, the look of the windows can make a difference in the atmosphere of the room. People choose windows based on a number of reasons from the look of them to functionality. Here’s a guide to the different types of windows you can have in your home.

Double-Hung or Single Hung Windows

These are the most popular window styles and are commonly used in traditional homes today. It has two glass panels that are framed, and the window slides up and down to open. The pros to these types of windows are that they are made by many different manufacturers since they are so widely used meaning you have a large selection to choose from. However, they may require more physical effort to open.

Picture Windows

Picture windows can look stunning in a reading corner or a hallway. These are long, rectangular windows that offer a great view of the outside. They are especially picturesque because you get a lot of natural light as well as a beautiful look at the outdoors. The downside is that they aren’t as energy efficient compared to traditional windows and offer no airflow since they do not open.

Bay Windows

Bay windows add an element of interest to a home’s design. They are both functional and beautiful because they can be used to extend the house through a bay or a shelf. The cons to this are that they are more expensive than other windows because it takes more than just swapping it out.

Awning Windows

If you’re the type that enjoys having your windows open on a rainy day, the awning window is a good fit. These have hinges at the top that allow you to crank open the window without having to worry about outside elements like water getting in. These can obstruct exterior spaces and be prone to more wear and tear over time since they are exposed to the outside more.

Sliding Windows

These are common for horizontal windows and are great for allowing air into the home. They aren’t usually used in main sections of the house. Many people will have them installed in basements because they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as other window types.


Skylights are great for those who want another way of adding natural light to the house. Unlike picture windows these can be fixed or openable meaning airflow is not a concern. The greatest benefit is the natural light and the added appeal to the home. However, they can also lead to higher energy bills and can be vulnerable to damage due to hail or other elements.

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