As evolved as the human mind may be, it can still be impacted by embedded environmental codes that date back eons. For example, though it may not be known why, there are certain colors that have a profound impact on human behavior. The mental state and behavior of the human mind changes in the presence of some colors, while others evoke a completely different response. For those who understand the interplay between environmental colors and the human psyche, color schemes can become a powerful tool in eliciting the desired response from people in a variety of settings.

For example, in an office setting, there are many colors that can be used to inject an atmosphere of energy into spaces where activity is fast-paced or coax the mind into a more relaxed, focused state. A painter can help business owners create an environment that is tailored to boost productivity and garner the desired result in the workspace. In that regard, commercial painting contractors in Atlanta can serve as valuable allies for business owners when it comes to improving productivity and enhancing the company’s bottom line. Keep reading to learn more about some of the top colors used to boost productivity at the office.

The Color Affects System

Because of the importance of color in shaping the human mind to accomplish specific tasks in a business environment, much research has been invested in determining what colors work best for specific outcomes. However, it’s not always about specific colors. The tones and the place of the colors on the spectrum can also be used to create workspaces that induce the proper behaviors. For example, in areas where there is a lot of activity, such as a warehouse or packing area, bright tones that convey energy and movement may be used, such as red, yellow, and orange. Bright yellows, reds, greens, and oranges can also be used in spaces that are designated for collaboration and teamwork, as those colors tend to encourage teamwork. However, in areas where individual focus is more desirable, such as an office used for coding, more subtle colors provide better outcomes. In such environments, soft blues, grays, and purples may be more necessary to get the proper result.

Blue for Focus

Blue is a color that is sometimes known as the productivity color because of its ability to impact the mental focus of employees. Blue stimulates the mind, so it’s an excellent choice in places where individual mental heavy lifting will be done. For example, an accounting office or programmer’s space would be perfect for the color blue, since those are roles that require intense focus on details and flawless calculations. In some cases, astute office designers will add a flash of a bright color, such as orange or yellow, in a predominantly blue space to balance the emotional environment.

Yellow for Creativity

Yellow elicits creativity in the human mind, which makes it perfect for any space that involves creative work. For example, yellow may be the perfect color for an artist’s loft, an architect’s drawing room, or a writer’s office space. Yellow is not only a color that stimulates emotion, but it also lifts the spirits and buoys the optimism of those who work around it. It’s also the perfect color for collaborative spaces, such as boardrooms or conference rooms, where groups will be propelled forward by the energy it imparts.

Red for Physicality

Painting wall redRed elicits feelings of strength and arduous labor, which makes it ideal for use in any portion of your business where physical exertion is necessary. For example, your warehouse, storeroom, mailroom, or loading dock is an ideal place to install a red color scheme, as it will drive employees to work harder and longer.

If you want to buoy productivity in your work environment, consider selecting colors based on their impact on the human mind and psyche. Color can be a powerful tool in increasing productivity and workflow, so make sure that you draft the help of your commercial painting company in increasing productivity in your place of business. To learn more about the impact of color on office productivity, contact Fillo Painting at (770) 769-7941.