Painting plays a huge role in the general aesthetics of your home. Choosing the right paint color for the main wall and accents is the first step in painting. Of course, next is the actual painting process. For this, professionals make sure they have the right tools for the job.

The wrong paint tools can make painting your home a long process; however, knowing the right interior paint tools make it easier to get the job done successfully.

Here is a list of all the paint tools painters need to paint your home –

  • Drop Cloth

When clothes are not kept on the floor before painting, the paint spills on the floor, causing a stain that will require extra time to clean. This unfortunate situation can be prevented by placing a cloth on the floor before painting. An old rag will do.

  • Measuring tape

With a good measuring tape, you can calculate the exact area you wish to paint. This would also enable you to have an equal proportion of the colors you need.

  • Rollers

Rollers are great for painting larger areas. It’s advisable to buy a roller handle that will fit the roller cover to ensure a smoother and faster job.

  • Roller Tray

Getting a roller tray would be effective for loading the paints into the roller easily.

  • Sponge

It’s necessary to have a wet sponge nearby while painting. This can help to prevent debris and improve the appearance of the painting.

  • Bucket

This is necessary for mixing your paints to get rid of bubbles and lumps. It creates a smoother paint and of course, a smoother finish.

Also, get a small bucket to pour out a bit of mixed paint. While painting the ceiling or when on a ladder, having a small bucket of paint would save you the stress of moving up and down.

  • Sprayer

If you want to make sure that you can complete the job as quickly as possible, then opt for a paint sprayer. Instead of choosing a small one that will only hold a little paint, buying a sprayer will enable you to paint your entire home quickly.

P.S – You should only use a paint sprayer in a well-ventilated location with lots of fresh air and proper training. 

  • Brushes

A flat brush or an angled brush are must-haves in your painting toolbox. They let you paint flat areas such as doors and paneling or straight lines around the doors and windows.

  • Edging Tool

It’s not so easy to paint the edges of a room, especially for beginners. An edging tool makes this much easier and will take away the need for painter’s tape.

  • Painter’s Tape

This ensures you’re left with clean, crisp paint lines. Unlike regular masking tape, it isn’t too sticky and peels off without leaving any residue.

  • Extension Pole

It’s quite difficult painting a high wall, either near the ceiling, or on a staircase. Also, if you’re not comfortable getting on a ladder, then it’s a good idea to purchase an extension pole. These poles have a threaded end that will allow you to screw on your paint roller and work faster.

  • Tool Holder

While painting up high, it’s necessary to get a small tool holder. It’s attached to the threaded end of the pole to allow you to hold the brush easily.

And that’s about it on the main interior paint tools needed for painting.

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