There comes a time when every business wants to update or brighten its look with the help of fresh commercial painting. Whether you want to improve the visual appeal of your business with exterior painting or create a more productive environment inside with a different color palette, it’s important that you select the right commercial painting company for your needs. After all, commercial painting in Atlanta is dramatically different from residential painting, and considering the investment, you’ll want to get the best quality, high integrity, and fair pricing from the commercial painting company you select.

How do you go about the challenging task of finding the right company among a sea of commercial painting contractors vying for your business? It can be hard to separate the good from the bad and indifferent. Fortunately, there are some tips you can employ to help guide you through your decision when it comes to finding and hiring the best painting contractor. Read on to learn more about these helpful tips.

Hire a Pro

While you may think you can get a better price by hiring your favorite jack-of-all-trades handyman for your next commercial painting project, doing so isn’t advisable. It’s always better to hire a recognized, credible professional commercial painting company whenever you plan to brighten up your workplace with new paint. There are many reasons to only hire a professional commercial painter. First, a professional painting company will offer a level of skill, quality, and accountability you’re not likely to receive from a nonprofessional. Also, a professional will be bonded and insured in most cases, which offers you considerable protection in the event of property damage or injury during the work. It pays to hire a pro, so don’t skimp by hiring an amateur.

Get Multiple Quotes

Negotiating quotes can be a trying experience for some business owners, especially those who are busy running their day-to-day operations. There may be an inclination to accept the first quote you get if it seems reasonable. It’s better to get several quotes, however, even if you find one that sounds good. Try to get at least three quotes before making your decision. If a quote is too high, you obviously want to avoid that estimate. However, a quote that’s too low could be an indicator of poor-quality work or unethical business practices. By getting a few quotes, you can weed out the high and low quotes and select one in the middle.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Paint swatchesBefore hiring any painting contractor, ask for a face-to-face meeting at your business. Once you have the contractor on your turf, you can explain in concrete terms your wishes and expectations, then allow the contractor to tell you how he or she will achieve those ends. Be sure to ask plenty of questions. Look for specific details that can be indicative of the level of service and quality you’ll receive. Find out how long the company has been in business and how many commercial painting projects it handles in the average year. Ask about materials, the use of sub-contractors, and environmental code compliance. The answers to these questions can provide you with details relevant to your painting project, but they can also tell you a great deal about how the painting contractor handles business.

If you’re planning a commercial painting project, it’s not hard to find the right contractor for the job by using these few tips. Remember to ask plenty of questions, get a sampling of quotes, and go with a pro to get a commercial painting outcome that will help your business thrive. To learn more about selecting the right commercial painting contractor, contact Fillo Painting at (770) 769-7941.