It took you a long time to decide on a color to paint your walls. You dug through dozens of paint samples and even hired paint contractors in Atlanta to ensure that the job was done right. Now that they’re painted, it’s time to protect your investment. Maintaining and cleaning your walls is the best way to ensure that they stay looking fresh. Prevent premature wear and tear by following these maintenance tips from the pros.


Clean Carefully

If you find a mark on your wall, your first instinct may be to rub it with a rag. If you attack the stain too aggressively, you’ll find that you rub off the top coat of paint. Depending on the sheen of your paint, this may result in a shiny or dull patch. To avoid these rubbed marks, wipe stains carefully. Take your time and have patience. Not all marks on the wall require tough scrubbing.

Be Gentle

When washing your walls, avoid using textured brushes and sponges. Instead, use a clean rag and clear water. Most walls don’t require the use of soap or detergents. Simply dampen the cloth and gently rub the area. If you come across stubborn spots, add a few drops of dishwasher detergent to the water and try again. If the stain is extra stubborn, you can try to use a cleaning solvent. Make sure that it’s non-abrasive, and don’t allow it to sit on your paint for too long. This prevents any fading or softening of the paint. Remember, the gentler, the better!

Remove Dust and Cobwebs

It’s normal for dust and debris to settle into the corners of walls and baseboards. These should be removed to restore the shine of your walls. If you find cobwebs or dirt mucking up your walls, use a damp cloth to remove them. While you can use a vacuum to reach high places, make sure that you use the soft-bristled attachment. The brush provides a buffer between the vacuum and the wall and prevents scratching from occurring.

Select the Right Sheen

Did you know that different sheens of paint are better for different areas of your home? Semi-gloss, for example, is the best choice for bathrooms. It prevents water stains from appearing and dries much easier than eggshell or other matte sheens. Baseboards should be painted with a higher gloss finish because they allow for easier cleaning. By selecting the right sheen for your paint, you ensure that cleaning is easier, and that steam and water don’t damage the paint.

Cleaning Painted Walls Touch Up Tips

No matter how careful you are, accidents will happen. Chips in the paint should be touched up regularly to avoid peeling. Instead of handling the touchups yourself, consider hiring a professional company. Professional painters understand how to handle paint touch-ups without compromising the color and sheen of the existing paint. They can also teach you how to maintain your baseboards and paint colors, allowing you to enjoy your painted walls for longer.

Whether you repainted an existing room or you just had your newly built home painted, it’s important to care for the walls properly. Your favorite painting company in Atlanta can help you maintain your walls. By helping with the paint and sheen selection, providing touch-ups, and offering cleaning tips, your walls will look brand new years later. To learn more about your paint options, visit today!