Homeowners’ associations can be both a blessing and a burden to those that live in the affected area. While they ensure that the neighborhood looks nice and maintain public parks and pools, they also enforce a lot of compliance standards on homeowners. These standards can include everything from the appearance of your lawn to the color of your home’s exterior. If you are thinking about painting your house, and you live in an area that has an HOA, then continue reading this article from a few tips on how to paint your home while remaining HOA compliant.

Look Up the Restrictions

First and foremost, you should look up the HOA’s restrictions on home exterior paint colors. Most HOAs won’t allow you to paint your home any bright, loud, or unusual colors. This is because they want to maintain a look of uniformity throughout the neighborhood. Educate yourself on what paint colors are not permitted before you even begin looking at color samples so that you don’t end up choosing a color that won’t be approved.

Look at Your Neighbors

While general uniformity is desirable, duplication is not. For this reason, many HOAs won’t allow you to use the exact same color scheme as one of your neighbors. If this is true of your HOA (and you’ll know it, if you followed the tip above), then look at the houses around you and mark their color schemes off your list. Of course, you can still use them as inspiration for a similar paint color, but just ensure that you don’t exactly duplicate the colors of any house close to yours.

Ask for Permission

Finally, you’ll need to ask permission from the HOA to paint your home’s exterior. This will give them the chance to review your color choices and ensure that they meet the HOA’s guidelines. If you’ve done your research and followed the tips above, you should encounter no trouble with this.

Use a Professional

Ultimately, the HOA’s job is to ensure that your neighborhood looks nice, so that means your paint job needs to be nicely done. If the job looks sloppy, you may end up being ordered to redo it. The best way to ensure you don’t have to do this is to use a professional in residential painting so that you have a crisp, clean paint job that the HOA will have no reason to complain about.

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