When you think of your home closets, you might just think of its storage potential–features like shelves, cabinets, and hanging racks. But don’t forget the importance of styling your closets, too. When your pantries, linen closets, and clothing closets are designed to impress, they make you feel good. A well-designed closet helps you feel more organized and can help to get dressed in the morning so much more fun.

While you can’t fit a sofa or framed art into most closets, you can still use paint to give them a spruce of personality and eye-popping appeal. So, where should you start your closet color scheme? Most closets are a plain off-white color. But if you choose a great paint color using the tips below, you’ll actually love the way that your closet looks. Professional painters have the following advice on the transformative appeal of painting your home closets.

Go Light and Bright

Light paint colors are a great choice for small closets and closets that don’t have a light inside of them. Paint contractors recommend light-colored paints, like a balanced white or sunny yellow, to make closet walls and built-ins look more spacious.

Light colors catch and reflect what little light is in the room, improving visibility and reducing your chances of getting those dark and distant corners in which you may lose valuables. If you choose to paint with a high-gloss finish, your closet will look even more bright and manageable.

Go Dark and Intense

Dark colors have their place in some closets, though. Dark colors act as a great backdrop for clean linens and your best shoes. If you have a roomy closet with ample light, choose a dark paint color to add sophistication and personality to oft-forgotten closet walls. Dark, natural browns, navy blue, and steel gray are sophisticated colors that will liven up any roomy closet.

Dark colors have another benefit. Because they catch the light and obscure items, dark colors can help make your more private closets look even more personal. Closets that hold holiday decor, unsightly appliances like the water heater, and your cleaning products will disappear when kept in the dark surroundings with the light off. Dark colors are like pulling a curtain over a closet, so no wandering eyes catch the mess in there. Give the closet a matte finish for low reflectivity and even less visibility. Do you need to find something in one of these dark closets? Install a small ceiling light for those moments.

Woman Painting Mirror Wall in Closet Create Flow

If you have a pantry that guests are likely to see, including kitchen pantries and bathroom closets, create a sense of flow and inclusion by panting the closet walls to match the room they’re in. Seafoam green closet walls in a seafoam green bathroom will actually make the room seem larger–after all, you’re choosing to include more square footage in the room, rather than separate it. The closet will make more visual sense with the room, too.

House painting can be tricky, but professional painters can help you achieve the style, color, and finish you’re after. If you’re looking for a reliable painting company in Atlanta, choose Fillo Painting Contractors. We offer high-quality painting services in Atlanta, including commercial and residential interiors and exteriors.