Many homeowners are interested in renovating an old house, and there are many reasons to consider doing so. Some people might want to renovate an old house because old houses tend to be cheaper to buy, or they might consider home a renovation to be their passion project. Whether you have experience with home renovation or not, it can be difficult to renovate an old house while still keeping its character intact.


For others, it might not even be about trying to renovate to “flip” the house later. They might prefer the aesthetic of an old house or believe that old houses have more personality. Here are some things to always keep in mind when it’s time to renovate an old house.


Be Careful When Removing Paint


There are many different ways to approach home renovation, but it’s a bit different when trying to renovate an old house. One of the most important things to remember here is to remove paint very carefully. You may actually be eliminating patina in the process. Old paint may contain harmful substances like lead, as well.


For those unaware, patina provides a protective covering for materials. Patina is a coating of various chemical compounds, and some homeowners may want to embrace the patina. As a result, be careful when it comes to removing paint. This logic also applies to new paint – make sure to paint gently if you are trying to renovate an old house.


Keep the Wood Windows


There’s nothing wrong with having your own taste when it comes time to renovate an old home, but one common mistake that many people make is installing brand new vinyl windows. While there’s nothing wrong with vinyl windows, remember that there’s a good chance that these wood windows can last for many more years.


Wooden windows can also provide a bit of authentic character that can’t be found elsewhere. If they are still functional, there’s a chance that replacing old windows may not even save you that much money.


Check the Roof


Some roofs last longer than others, and you should find out what kind of slate roof you are dealing with before you renovate an old house. There might be a situation where you don’t even need to touch the roof, since it’s only 75 years old and may have been designed to last 200 years.


In other cases, make sure to contact a home renovation that truly understands that particular slate. One of the best home renovation tips is to start with the most practical aspects: the roof, the windows, and masonry.


Create a Team


Many home renovation experts will tell you that the best thing to do when it comes time to renovate an old house is to assemble a team. This also isn’t just about finding the right contractors, although that is extremely important for home renovation. It also might be beneficial to think about contacting a historian that knows a lot about the region.


Believe it or not, researching your home’s history can lead to interesting details and insights that can help inform how you renovate an old house.