Preparing our homes for any kind of project takes time and planning. None of us want to ruin a project or redo a project as a result of skipping or missing any steps. This may cause you to wonder how extensively you should clean your home before repainting its interior. Should you go as far to washing your walls? We’d recommend that you thoroughly wash and clean your walls before starting your project if you’re able.

Why Wash Walls Before Painting

Washing your walls is an effective way to completely clear off the dust, dirt, and any other debris from your walls. Our walls take a lot a damage and collect a lot of grime over the years whether that’s spider webs that build up in the corners by the trim, spills that get all over the baseboards, or even sticky, dirty hands that wipe against the surface.

In order for your paint to properly adhere to the wall and, just as important, to look great after it’s been finished, you want to work on a clean slate of fall. Any dirt can make it difficult for paint to stick. This means doing your best to get rid of any surface stains, oils, or other bits of leftover tape, tack, etc. If you take the time to properly scrub down your walls, the completed paint project will look amazing.

How to Wash Walls Before Painting

You don’t need a bunch of fancy solutions or equipment to clean your walls. A bucket of soapy water and a sponge will usually get the job done. You want to avoid any harsh substances and chemicals because it can cause damage to your walls.

Be gentle as you work and use the sponge to carefully scrub off anything on the wall. Start from one side and work your way to the other or start from the bottom and work your way up. This will ensure you go over every section of your wall. Use a towel to dry it once you’re finished and wait a few hours before actually painting to ensure there is no residual moisture left.

The soap and water should clear out most of the dirt but if you are dealing with tougher strains, you can add a couple drops of distilled white vinegar to the bucket. In addition, a bit of baking soda can also help you tackle stubborn areas. If you’re still struggling, you can give trisodium phosphate (TSP) a try. This is a strong wall cleaner that you’ll need to break out the goggles and gloves to use. Add the solution to hot water and use your sponge to scrub away the debris.

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