When selling your house, the one thing you want to prioritize is upping that curb appeal so your value increases. That’s why painting the interior of your home is one of the most important steps you can take to give the house an edge and entice buyers. As interior painters, we have all the information you need.

Freshen up and update your house look and reap the benefits. Adding a fresh coat of paint can be an easy way to spruce up your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. But which rooms need painting?  Here are some highlights for interior painter colors in each room:


The kitchen is often the first room potential buyers will see, so make sure they get a lasting impression of it. A new coat of paint inside your home can help bring life and brightness to the space, making it look more inviting and pleasant. Try the following colors:

  • Warm neutrals: Greiges and beiges, bring a subtle depth
  • Bright and cheerful hues: lemon yellow and light blues

The color will depend on the overall look you are going for but can make a world of a difference in your home’s value.

Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom can be one of the most important spaces in a house—it’s where you start and end your day. Give it a new paint job and make it look inviting to potential buyers, making sure they feel like they can personalize it and make it their own. Some popular colors for the bedroom are:

  • Lavender
  • Blues
  • Soft grays
  • Rich earth tones


The entryway is what people will remember most after leaving your home. When you paint the entryway, choose a color that is both inviting and energizing so people step into the home feeling comforted. To make it look brighter, go for lighter hues such as creams, soft whites, and light yellows.

Powder Room

Don’t forget to spruce up the powder room too! Adding new wallpaper or vibrant colors can make the room look updated and stylish. Modern is in so choose colors such as electric blue or vibrant salmon, or go for sophisticated yet modern styles like a mid-tone gray.

By ensuring that the key rooms in your home look appealing, you can better attract potential buyers and get the best value out of your property. And if you want to get the best value with the best painting finish, it’s best to hire a professional interior painter. They know exactly what colors will draw people in, as well as which materials and techniques can give the best results.

Boost Your House’s Value with Fillo Painting

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