Many people assume that painting is just painting—whether you’re painting for a home vs. a business, it’s the same process. However, commercial painting services have to adhere to a different set of standards and processes than residential painting does.

While painting a commercial space may seem easy and straight-forward, it’s best to leave commercial painting projects to the professionals. On the other hand, residential painting is often something the homeowner can do themselves and are limited only by their own creativity. 

In this article, learn the differences between commercial and residential painting services so that you’re aware of the elements of each.

Residential vs. Commercial Painting Services

Understanding the differences between commercial and residential painting can help you understand the different tools and techniques that are used for each type of painting.

Residential Painting

Residential painters provide homeowners with the services they need to improve their home’s interior and exterior. From paint selection and preparation, to details such as trim and baseboards, residential painters will provide you with a professional finish that can last for years.

They are knowledgeable about different types of paints, stains, color palettes, and finishes, so you can be sure your home looks its very best. Residential painting projects typically tend to take much less time to complete than commercial painting jobs.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting services must adhere to stricter regulations than residential painting, in order to ensure safety, sanitation, and compliance with local building codes. They have a responsibility for safety since commercial spaces often contain hazardous materials that need to be handled properly.

A commercial painter must have an understanding of commercial grade paints and know how to properly prepare surfaces for painting, like drywall and concrete. Additionally, they must be aware of the specific regulations that their clients may be subject to and how to follow them.

How Does the Process Differ?

The process for commercial and residential painting is different in many areas. These areas include, but are not limited to:

Materials and Equipment

Residential painters typically use lower grade materials and less specialized equipment than commercial painters. Residential painters also tend to use fewer coats of paint and apply it with a brush or roller, while commercial painters use heavier-duty commercial grade paints that require more coats and specialized equipment.


Commercial painting is subject to strict regulations in order to ensure safety and compliance with local building codes. Commercial painters must be aware of these regulations and adhere to them in order to provide a safe work environment.

Job Size

Commercial painting projects tend to be much larger in scope than residential painting projects, which means commercial painters are often required to work on ladders or scaffolding and use commercial grade tools. Residential painters may also need to use these types of materials and equipment, but the job size is usually smaller so it does not require as much specialized equipment.

Number of Painters

Commercial painting also tends to require more painters than residential painting, due to the scope of the job. Residential painters are typically limited to one or two people, while commercial projects may require three or four people in order to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Services Provided

Commercial painting services are often more extensive than those of residential painting. Commercial painters may provide additional services such as power washing, sandblasting, and wall covering installation in addition to the standard painting services. Residential painters usually limit their services to interior and exterior painting.

Scheduling and Timelines

The amount of time it takes for the completion of commercial painting projects is often longer than residential projects, due to the need for commercial grade materials, specialized tools, and compliance with building codes.

Commercial spaces may be larger or have more complex structures that require additional prep time and skill. Residential projects may take less time to complete, depending on the size of the job and the amount of detailed work that needs to be done.

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