A contractor removing an old window from its frame before installing a new replacement window.

Replacing your home’s windows is a great way to improve the house’s insulation, comfort, and aesthetics. Old windows can become a constant annoyance because they can leak your heat or A/C and fail to protect the inside of your home from the weather, so taking care of them and getting replacement windows when you notice them starting to break down is a good idea.

Now that you’re looking to replace your windows you may be wondering, “How do I replace a window? And should I reach out to professionals?” In this article we will cover how to replace a window so you can make the best choice for you.


Measure the Window

First, it is important to measure the window to make sure you get the correct replacement size. You’ll need to measure the width and height of the current window. Begin with the width, measuring the inside of the frame from jamb to jamb. Measure at the top, middle, and bottom, checking that the measurements are similar, if not identical. If they vary too much, you may want to speak with a professional because your entire window frame may be warped and require replacement.

The process to measure the height is similar. Measure from the bottom of the frame, the windowsill, to the top window jamb at three places: either side and the middle. Again, check that these are near-identical. If they vary a large amount, consider reaching out for advice on window frame replacement.


Find the Correct Replacement Windows

Once you have your measurements, it’s time to find the right replacement windows. Replacement windows come in tons of different standard sizes, styles, and materials. This can be a great chance to consider changing the style of the window to one more appropriate or efficient for your home. Talk to a professional if you’re not sure what type of window would be best for your new replacement!


Remove Windows and All Old Parts

Depending on the age of the window frame, this could be one of the longest and most arduous parts of the process. You’ll need to remove the entire window casing, the sash, the jamb liners, sash weights, and any old insulation and foam. Remove any cracked paint and debris around the frame and sand around the frame so it is smooth. If there are large pieces of debris and irregularities around the frame, you may need to use a chisel to remove them.


Install New Window

Different types of window replacements will require different installation processes, but generally you’ll want to begin by inserting the replacement window into the frame and loosely securing it in place. Then you’ll want to begin checking it from the inside and outside of the house for large openings, loose areas, and irregular angles in the frame. Small irregularities are to be expected and can be dealt with using extra insulation and other adjustments. Large problems, however, may mean you need a new frame. Finish with insulating foam and wrap.


Apply Finishing Touches to Window

Once the window is in place, insulation is added, and you are satisfied with its fit, it’s time to finish it! Begin by filling any small gaps with caulk. Once small gaps are taken care of, do any final sanding and other finishing to prepare the window for retrimming, stain, and/or paint.

Replacing a window can be exciting, but it can also be difficult. If you want to be sure your windows are installed perfectly, reach out to our professionals at Fillo Painting. We will work to get you the best finish possible on a variety of housing projects from exterior painting, to window replacement, to siding. Contact us today for a quote!