Sprucing up your home’s exterior isn’t just about curb appeal. Painting the outside of a home protects it from inclement weather, increases the lifespan of siding, and can detect insect damage. Homes in Marietta are susceptible to weather and insects who love to make your home theirs. If you’ve decided it’s a good time to paint, make sure you take these steps to prepare your home for exterior painting.

Decide What Needs Painting

First, decide if the entire exterior needs paint. Look for chipped, cracked, and peeling paint. Examine the exterior for signs of mold and wood rot. Notice areas where caulk is brittle. If you have a stucco exterior, look for cracks. These are all potential signs that you should paint the outside of the house. You may find that only trim or the shutters require painting.

Choose Your Paint Colors

Next, decide which paint colors and types you want. Call one of the local paint contractors Marietta, GA, and ask if they have paint sample books. Sample books show suggestions for color combinations. You can also buy a quart of the colors you like and create larger samples, which are easier to use for comparison. Look around your neighborhood. If the other homes are painted in neutral shades, don’t go rogue and choose bright blue or yellow. This is one time fitting in is better than standing out.

You Need a Clean Slate

Before your house can be painted it needs to be clean. Not the inside but the exterior surface. The goal is a clean, dull, and dry surface, which is necessary for paint adherence. Start by washing off dirt, chalk, and mold. If you have experience using a power washer, you can save time, however, use caution. Power washers can force water underneath the siding. The moisture can remain in the walls resulting in mold development. A bucket, sponge, and scrub brush work just as well.

Scrape Old Paint

Washing off grime is rewarding but you’re not finished. After cleaning the exterior, get your scrapers because all that peeling and cracked paint you noticed at the beginning of this project must be scraped off. Any areas you scrape will be sanded, so the area is ready for primer. If you’re not sure about primer, call a painting contractor in Marietta, GA. A professional can advise on different types of paint and primer and which ones are best for your project.

Prepare the Trim

After you finish washing off dirt and scraping off old paint, give the trim the same treatment. Follow the same steps to clean your trim prior to exterior painting. Take the shutters down for cleaning, especially if they’re any color other than white. This helps protect the areas you’ve just prepared from getting dirty or stained. Also, remove house numbers and any decorations you’ve attached to the house. Don’t forget the light fixtures.

Is Your House Stucco?

Stucco exteriors have unique needs. Proper preparation before you paint will extend the life of the paint job. New stucco must have 60 days settling and drying time before you apply paint. Using a pressure washer is an excellent option for removing dirt and chipped paint. Just like homeowners who have traditional siding, be careful with the pressure washer. You can always hire a professional. If you’re hiring a painting company in Marietta, ask if they can include this service. Be wary of DIY repairs on stucco. Depending on the size of any cracks you find, you may need a special patching compound used for filling them. Patching stucco is usually better done by a professional.

If you’ve completed the prep work but prefer a professional does the painting, call Fillo Painting today. We’ll have a member of our team come out and discuss your needs as soon as possible. You can have a new home exterior in time for the holidays.