Trim paint color trends are as fluid as any other style trend. Trim paint can add some personality to a room, make a room seem larger, and create a uniform finish. Learning more about popular trim paint colors in 2021 can help you to make an informed decision about the aesthetic you want for your home.

White Is Still the Most Popular Trim Color

White trim paint is still the leader of the pack in 2021. White trim gives your room a crisp, sophisticated feel. This color is popular because it can accentuate any wall color. It is a classic for a reason. However, just because you have settled on white does not mean the selection will be easy. There are hundreds if not thousands of shades of white. A little professional input from Fillo Painting can go a long way in ensuring that you get the white that you envision.

Same Shade as the Walls

Trim paint that is the same shade as your walls can make your room look more “put together.” It can also create the illusion of a more open space. Going a shade or two darker or lighter with your trim is also on trend for 2021.

Color Pops

Who says trim should not be a focal point? In 2021, we have seen a growing trend of painting trim in vibrant colors. Colorful trim is a great way to frame your walls, highlight architectural detail, and add a little extra to the room. Colorful trim is a good option for smallish rooms that are lacking a focal point.

Gray Is Not Going Away

Kitchen with Gray TrimGray walls, trim, and everything in between have been around since about 2010 and show no signs of losing steam. Maybe gray walls are more than you can stand, but you can incorporate this hot color trend by using it on the trim. Gray is another color that comes in hundreds of shades. A little expert help from Fillo Painting can go a long way in finding the perfect gray for your home’s trim.

A Special Note About Trim

When you are thinking about painting the trim in your home, keep in mind that the trim was likely painted with oil-based paint if your home is a few decades old or older. Should you decide to repaint with oil-based paint, the prep work will be less. If you’re going to use a latex-based paint (the most popular type of paint today), there will be more prep work involved.

To efficiently cover old oil-based trim paint with latex paint, the surface needs to be treated. Of course, Fillo Painting has the experience to determine which type of paint is currently on your trim and the steps needed to repaint your trim.

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