There are so many color options and popular choices to paint a child’s room. Choosing colors for this room can quickly become overwhelming. Do you want to use bold and bright colors or pastels? Maybe an accent color? What are the best colors for kids’ rooms?  


In a kid’s room, you have the opportunity to add a pop of color or use more unconventional colors, unlike in living rooms or adult bedrooms where you are more likely to find neutral colors. To help you narrow down a color scheme for this house painting project, we have collected a list of the most popular paint colors used in kids’ rooms today. 


Green is always an excellent choice for a kid’s room paint color. Green is a gender-neutral color and has so many beautiful shades to choose from. Soft pastel greens might be a great choice for a newborn’s nursery. Bright lime green can energize your toddler’s room.  


There are also a ton of theme options that you can use with green. From forests and jungles to dinosaurs and frogs, there is so much potential for green bedrooms. 


Yellow is another nice gender-neutral option for a kid’s room. This bright, warm color will be sure to help your child feel happy and energized when in their room, giving it a sunny daytime vibe. Yellow can also work well as an accent color, especially with green, blue, or gray. 


Blue is a classic choice for a boy’s bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be just for a boy’s room. With theme options from sailboats and the ocean to outer space, there are many opportunities for creativity and fun in a blue room. There are also various shades of blue too – you could pick a soothing peaceful pale blue or something more bold like bright teal. 


Pink is a popular choice for a girl’s room, but both genders can benefit from its calming effects. From a psychological standpoint, pink has been thought to encourage feelings of caring and empathy. A pastel pink could pair well with other neutral hues, but it could quickly be outgrown too. Consider bolder, darker shades like fuchsia or magenta. 

Unique Ideas 

Lastly, we have some fun, unique ideas for decorating your kid’s room. You can easily incorporate any of these ideas into your kid’s room with any of the color schemes discussed in this article.  


  • Patterned wallpaper is a fun way to add detail to the bedroom 
  • Chalk paint lets your kid draw on the walls with no mess 
  • Accent walls are a fun way to use a bright and bold color without it being overwhelming 


It can be fun to pick out kids’ room paint colors and decide on a theme together. Choose any of these popular colors and fun ideas to create an entertaining space for your child to enjoy.  


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