Have you been watching the dirt and grime slowly accumulate on your kitchen cabinets? Is your dream kitchen of old turning into a place you dread to cook your favorite meal in?  

Give your kitchen the renovation that it needs this summer! After all, it is one of the most used rooms in the house, and through all of its inevitable wear and tear, a solid paint job is crucial.  

Choosing the Best Interior Paint Color 

As interior design becomes more popular, not everyone wants a traditional brown wooden finish on their kitchen cabinets. A nice coat of paint on the cabinets can transform your kitchen. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, no matter what may be trending.  

Color makes or breaks a lot of kitchen designs: it can be the difference between a risky yet satisfying design versus something that you may end up needing to repaint. Whether you’re going for a retro-chic or undeniably modern look, you are going to want to make sure the interior painting job is done correctly. Not everyone has the time or money to revamp the cabinet structure itself.  

Everyone’s kitchen is different, so the approach to painting cabinets it isn’t always uniform. Here are some options to consider based on your preferences and current kitchen setup.  

Stark White  

White may be a risky color to choose for cabinets, as they do get the heavier end of daily usage, and can get discolored or dirty easily. Be sure to use a quality paint, and you may need multiple coats. White is a neutral and versatile color though that can match almost anything in your kitchen and never goes out of style. It will also brighten up the space. 

white kitchen cabinets

Bright Orange/Red  

This mid-century staple perfectly complements a modern kitchen. If anything, that kitchen of yours may suffer from too little color. If you want to keep things simple but something still feels missing, bright orange or red could be the saving grace between a dull cabinet or a conversation piece. Reds and oranges provide a warm color scheme and help provide a comforting vibe in your kitchen. Red is also known to stimulate a person’s appetite. 

Red kitchen cabinets

Sage Green 

This color is calming while still adding a touch of flair. Unlike primary shades, sage green is somehow both elegant and bold but not overwhelming and still soft. It can pair well with raw woods and rich metals. It isn’t a color you see every day, and for those who want something earthy and a little bohemian, it’s a great choice.  

Sage Green Cabinets

Monochromatic Gray 

Gray is also neutral and versatile but unlike white, it might not be as stark and sterile feeling; it can lend an air of sophistication in your kitchen. Stainless steel is an integral part of many modern kitchens. Offsetting that sheen of your refrigerator or stove with a matte gray cabinet can be both alluring and simple. Try to pair this combo against a light wood with a natural finish to contrast what could otherwise be a bit drab.  

Gray Kitchen Cabinets


Back on the theme of green, a mint cabinet can provide the same summery feel as white while also standing out a little more. Mint is synonymous with retro styles, but pairing it against a crisp white wall or light wooden flooring is a great choice for the present day. If the warm weather months make you feel at home, give mint a try. 

Mint Kitchen Cabinets

Get Started on Your Kitchen Cabinet Project 

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