If you want to freshen up your home this summer, then you might want to consider painting the exterior of your house. Perhaps you haven’t considered house painting in years. The colors might be faded or out of style.  

Before you get started with a paintbrush, here are some of the most popular colors and color schemes that people are using for their home exteriors today.  


One very popular color scheme is blue. This color is great because there are several shades, giving you a variety of options. You can pick a colonial blue for a more timeless look or choose something very unique and bold. Two popular hues are gray-blue and turquoise; gray-blue is warmer and more fun than just a usual gray color but still gives a classic vibe, and turquoise makes your house stand out with its bright pop of color. 

Other popular blues right now are pale blue and deep blue. Pale blue looks light and airy and won’t look faded quickly. Deep blue looks sharp with white or light-color trim and when paired with the warm glow of lights at night, looks very cozy. 

To further customize your color scheme, you could choose a few different shades of blue for the walls, trim, and accent pieces. You could go with light and soft shades for the walls and trim then pick a bright and bold shade for the doors or fixtures. There is a lot of potential with this color. 

Neutral and Natural Colors 

Colors in this category include all shades of brown, beige, white, ivory, gray and black. These are classic colors found on homes, and they are still very popular today. Neutrals make your home blend in better with the natural elements of your landscape.  

If you go with a lighter shade on the spectrum like white or ivory, you will need more prep work and coats of paint to make sure it looks good. When you finish, your home will look clean and crisp. White can look even sharper if you use dark or bright colors on your trim and/or front door. Ivory, taupe, and light gray can look warm and inviting and pair well with other colors so you can create various custom looks. 

Darker shades like dark brown, gray, or even black make a modern statement. These shades can look more elegant and sophisticated when paired with bright trim and accents. You can use warmer shades of brown or gray to brighten up the look too.  

Yellows, Greens, and Reds 

Besides neutrals, consider shades of green to make your home blend in more naturally with its surroundings and give off an earthy vibe. Popular hues include sage green, mint green, and gray-green.  

If you’re looking for something warmer and brighter, yellow has been popular for this reason. Trending hues right now are butter yellow for a softer, not overbearing look or mustard yellow for a bolder option that makes your home stand out on the block. 

If you want something that stands out, you can also look at popular red shades. Barn red works well in the country but also makes a statement in a neighborhood. Burgundy is a more traditional look but adds that expressive pop of color. 

Accent Colors 

One last way to bring excitement to the exterior of your home is with accent colors. This approach usually involves using the neutral and natural colors that we discussed above as the wall and trim colors. Many people also use colors in grayscale as the base.  

With a neutral color scheme for most of the house, you can choose an inspiring color that stands out for the front door and any fixtures or even the trim. This color could include bright yellow, red, or teal. Accent colors can be an enjoyable way to make your home stand out this summer. 

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